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Let me show you how to escape your own classroom and earn
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Experience doesn’t matter, I can help you build
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Learn How to Your Classroom

Hi, I'm Nancy.

I Help Teachers Discover Genuine Ways to Start Their Own Businesses.

Why Escape the Classroom?

The odds are great that you fit into one of these three main categories:

  1.  You need to get out of teaching ASAP
  2.  You plan to stay, but you’ve got to find something that will supplement your teacher’s salary
  3.  You are retired, or about to be, and like number two above, you need more money coming in.
Nancy at Escaping the Classroom

What I’ve Discovered After 20 Years in a Classroom

Teachers live life in terribly precarious positions.

  • Burdened with outrageous levels of responsibility, classroom teachers are deprived of any legitimate authority.
  • Earning salaries far below that of professionals with comparable levels of education, teachers fill positions that are rife with illness-inducing stresses and worse.
  • Depending on others to look out for our best interests has resulted in underfunded retirement plans in most states in the U.S.

A better plan is to lay the foundation for your own future yourself.

Create Your Plan B

You might be looking for a way to hedge your bets with your pension plan. 

It’s smart to have a steady stream of income that doesn’t depend on politicians or The Fed. You might be looking for a completely new way to earn an income.

Whatever your reason for not wanting to rely completely on your pension income, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate and why it’s a great Plan B, and a perfect fit for teachers here.

After all, most of us don’t dream about spending our retirement years subbing.

How to make Extra Money as a Teacher with Affiliate Marketing


Here is an interview I did with Brad Gudim, a fellow internet marketer.

Within the video, we discuss the possibilities on How to make Extra Money as a Teacher with Affiliate Marketing.  Please take the time to watch this 7:40 video as it may help you with your choices.

How I Got Here

I went back to school and got my teaching credential as an older adult. I worked hard for that degree. In the process, I worked as a tutor, and it propelled me into a teaching credential.

You already know that the teaching profession is about lots more than just teaching. I found myself in that 50% group of new teachers you may have read about. I was ready to bail before my first five years were over.

However, I had spent lots of time earning those pieces of paper, had lots of student loan debt, and a family to support.

Besides, I liked the teaching part, I just couldn’t stand the rest.

You know what I mean:

Large blocks of class time devoted to teaching to the test
A total lack of respect for the teaching profession
Incredible amounts of responsibility with no authority
The list goes on, but you experience it for yourself every day.
Instead of leaving, I got another degree. Sound familiar?

I have to admit, I did check for other opportunities from time to time.

With the growth of the internet, and the sky-rocketing number of virtual business opportunities that exist today, it’s a whole new and exciting world for teachers!

Why Escaping The Classroom?

You’ve spent years molding your plans to fit the expectations, and  whims of others.

Is it time to call your own shots?

You’ll find information in two main sections here:

  • Alternatives to Teaching
  • Teaching Concerns

Alternatives to Teaching

I’m constantly searching and reviewing companies that offer excellent training.  I only review businesses that I would recommend to a family member or good friend.  Many of them are virtual jobs that you can operate from anywhere you choose.

As long as you have a laptop and access to the internet, you’re in business.

Where would you go if you could work wherever you wanted?

Teaching Concerns

My goal is to provide you with fresh, relevant thoughts and ideas.  Your student’s needs, and the expectations constantly being placed on you change quickly.

I do the reading you may not have time for, and provide useful information in a quick, easy to process format.

Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve chosen to be foot-loose, fancy-free, and gainfully employed through a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

They have an excellent track record of helping people turn their dreams into realities.

What having your own business can do for you

A business of your own can provide three things a teaching career alone cannot:

  • flexibility 
  • freedom 
  • control of your life

It doesn’t work for everyone, but I know it works for teachers, and here’s why: 

  • Teachers realize get-rich-quick is fiction.
  • Teachers know what real work is.  You’re doing it every day.
  • Teachers know how to:
    •  Plan
    •  Coordinate
    •  Juggle a dozen tasks
    •  Manage
    •  Explain and explain again
    •  Inspire
    •  Pour their hearts and souls into projects and see them through to the end

If you just recognized yourself in this description, check out Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommendation for teachers who want to start their own businesses.  It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns.

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