Benefits Owning Your Own Business (Reason #7)

Home based, online, or hybrid, your own business is a good idea.Benefits Owning Your Own Business (Reason #7)

Don’t you love that amazing feeling you have when life is just humming along? When each piece is falling into place in an orderly, predictable fashion.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long. One piece slides slightly out of position and then BAM! Everything seems to slam to a stop.

Benefits Owning Your Own Business (Reason #7) highlights why you may want to consider starting one of your own!

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Did Someone Shut Off the Water?

The day started as usual. Showering, breakfast, washing up the dishes before getting my grandson into the car and off to school.

And then, “Hey. Is the water pressure weaker, or is it my imagination?”

Nope, not my imagination. I was certain when water flow went quickly down to a trickle, and then no water at all.

We’re on a well, so there were three readily-available possibilities. My mind mentally tick-marked through each one.

  1. Maybe a mouse had chewed through an electrical connection. It had happened once at a previous home.
  2. Maybe the new water pump had failed. Seemed unlikely, but who knows. Searching for reasons, my brain created a goofy combination of options one and two.
  3. Maybe the pressure tank in the basement had failed. The guy who had installed the pump cautioned me that it probably didn’t have much life left in it. Had the old pump breathed its last?

There was also a number four. It was entirely possible for a well to run dry. I chose to quickly dismiss that idea.

From that point, it was just a mishmash of wondering what had gone wrong, how quickly we could get the water running again, and how much was it going to cost.


My daughter was about to head out the door to work, and I had a full schedule of activities waiting for me too.

Before calling anyone else to come trouble-shoot our water-less predicament, we needed to narrow down the probable source of the problem.

For that to happen, a visual check of the water pump and the tank was necessary. It wasn’t likely that both were involved, so figuring out which of these items was the trouble source was the likely starting point.

My daughter has some flexibility with her job, so changed into a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, and headed down to the basement to have a look at the tank.

I should probably add that the basement isn’t a proper basement. It’s more of a glorified crawlspace. She can handle small, enclosed spaces with calm indifference. I cannot.

We were also aware of what appeared to be a small, localized leak in one spot down there. We thought the problem had been taken care of a few weeks earlier.

When my daring daughter emerged from the crawlspace, she had pictures of a very worrying, very wet wall and soggy flooring directly under the bathroom.

There was still no obvious cause of the disappearing water.

  • No weird smells
  • No obvious problem with the water tank
  • No issues with the pump

Time to Call the PlumberBenefits Owning Your Own Business (Reason #7)

After the plumber’s inspection, there was some good news, some bad news, and some more good news.

The Good News

I mentioned in the beginning that I refused to allow the idea of a dry well to take over my brain. It was great to know that my well had been eliminated from the list. In spite of the very dry weather we’ve been having, the well is still viable.

The new well pump that was just installed about a year ago is also functioning as expected. No little critter had bitten into flowing electrical current and stopped the flow of water into the house. Another good thing to hear.

The Bad News

The reason for our loss of water turned out to be a fried pressure switch on the tank. It was easy for my grandson to replace (thanks JB), and didn’t cost much either.

The reason for the fried switch is where the story takes a turn for the worse.

The bathtub sat just above the water tank. Long before I bought the house, a previous owner had replaced part of the outside wall next to the tub with a glass block wall.

  • It was all-the-rage at the time.
  • It let a lot of light into the room, and probably seemed like a good idea.
  • It was improperly installed and had been failing for years.

Every time someone showered, water was leaking down the block, and onto the wall below. It reached critical mass and began to impact the flooring under the tub.


Some More Good News

Later in the day, the block wall became an unpleasant memory, and the tub left what had been its home for over 40 years.

How is that good news?

I’m getting the new bathroom I’ve been wanting since I bought the house. I wouldn’t have done it quite so soon, but I’ll be happy to say goodbye to the hunter green floor tiles and orange walls!

What Does This Have to do With Business?

I started my own online business a little over a year ago. In June of this year, I retired from teaching and have been doing affiliate marketing full-time.

If I was still teaching, there are several things I would have had to do differently when the water quit running.

  • Since the burnt-out switch waited until we were almost ready to leave for the day, the office administrator at my school would have been scrambling to get a sub in to cover for me. Her mornings are hectic at best.
  • Since it was so late in the morning, a colleague or two would have been pulled from their prep periods to cover my classes.
  • Even though I always had emergency lesson plans, I would have been frantically typing up additional information for my colleagues and sub.

My New RealityBenefits Owning Your Own Business (Reason #7)

Since I can easily readjust my schedule, I:

  • Didn’t have to coordinate with workmen during breaks between classes.
  • Didn’t have to burden colleagues with covering my class during their planning periods.
  • Don’t have to feel stressed if the project takes longer.
  • Don’t have to worry about rationing my sick days.
  • Can be fully present to whatever tasks need my attention
  • Do what needs to be done without stress or guilt.

What About You?

Maybe you can relate to these questions:

  • Are you in the middle of something that has you torn in two directions and feeling scattered to the four winds?
  • Would having your own business, and the ability to reschedule your days give you breathing room, and a sense of freedom?
  • You don’t have to jump into something full-time.

One of the beauties of an online business is the ability to start small. Very small.

Then, if, and when you want, you can grow to the size that’s right for you.

If the idea of trading your classroom for something of your own sounds interesting, take a look at my #1 recommendation for escaping the classroom.  It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns.

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10 thoughts on “Benefits Owning Your Own Business (Reason #7)”

  1. I agree with you that getting started with an online business would definitely avail me the opportunity to more freedom to attend to most of the things that require my attention at home. Ever since I have started my home online business, I have learnt to take note of the little things because they are the ones that matter and not the big things. Just leave everything else and attend to little things at home while paying utmost attention to the details. Simply, working at home has been great and I look forward to giving it more time because of the freedom it allows me to enjoy. Thumbs up

    • I’m so happy to hear that you are having such good success with your online business.  I agree with you that working at home gives so much more freedom to enjoy life.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    This would be my dream! To be able to work from home or wherever I choose to work from and work when I want to. I have a son who has Type 1 diabetes and quite often goes low and needs to come home to recover. Unfortunately I can’t leave my job to collect him from school due to the nature of the business I am in.

    This would free me up to be able to do that as well as spend more time with the rest of the family. I have clicked on your link to the Wealthy Affiliate page but I wanted to know if the free offer is for a limited time only and whether it would be that much more beneficial to join the paid subscription?


    • Hi Tony.  I can understand having to be available for family needs.  Working online would free up lots of time for you special family needs.  

      The ability to remain a free member has no time limit.  You will always have access to your two free sites as well.  The benefit to “going Premium” is lots of extra training, 25 free sites, and a number of other benefits as well.  You really do get your money’s worth and a whole lot more.  You should also know that there is not upselling at Wealthy Affiliate.  You’re either a free member, or a Premium member, but never nickle and dimed to purchase extras.



  3. Hello there.  Working from home has been something most people want to get involved in as we all find it really cool and convenient.  However, when you ask some people why they want to go into an online business, they don’t really have a reason for it. Personally, for me one major reason I want to work from home and that I want to work at my own convenience, without anyone asking me to do this and that. Best regards.

    • Hi Dane.  I agree that it is really cool and convenient to work from home.  And, like you, I enjoy that I don’t have people asking me to do things that I just don’t want to do.  

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  4. From your water troubles story, I agree that owning your own business is just a breath of fresh air. I cannot imagine myself in that situation, yet there is a 9-5 that I need to attend to. Truth is, no boss would find that a reason enough to skip or miss work. I have started my own online business and things are starting to take shape. Your story is a real encouragement to us that are building our own business. You have motivated me to keep pushing, and slowly, I will get there. I just love freedom and the ability to make decisions without worrying.

    Thank you for this inspiring article.

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the article.  I agree that there is nothing like having the freedom to live your life on your own terms and without feeling guilty.  Best of luck with your new business.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  5. I really enjoyed reading through this article. It’s interesting and it’s a story pleasant day read about. The water issue and how you went about all those incidents was really encouraging. I must agree that being a boss of yourself is a really profitable thing, as it gives you a chance to see the real side of life. It gives you the time to reason without too much stress.  As an affiliate marketer, you can work remotely so its win win. Thanks for sharing this informative article, I like it.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the article.  It really is so much better dealing with this type of problem when you don’t have other responsibilities claiming your time.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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