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For those of you who never experienced that nervous dread of math class, and those of you who have conquered it, I have found a fabulous business for you to take a look at! As a matter of fact, this one is so well-structured, if I wasn’t crazy about what I’m doing, I’d probably be signing up myself!  In my Bookkeeper Business Launch Review, I will reveal if the program is any good and is worth the investment. Let’s review!


  • Company name: Bookkeeper Launch
  • Visit the Site:Bookkeeper Launch
  • Years In Business: Ben Robinson, the founder of the company, has been educating bookkeepers for 14 years.
  • Product Effectiveness: According to the literature, 4,096 individuals have taken the course and started their own virtual bookkeeping businesses.
  • Outlook for this industry: If you do a quick search, you’ll find that bookkeepers earn between $40,000 to $60.000 annually depending on the services offered.  Since this is a course for virtual bookkeeping, your location in the country should have no impact on your earning potential.
  • Support: Student Success Team and a large, supportive Facebook group.
  • Price: One installment of $2999.
  • My Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10. This thorough course is backed by an amazing guarantee and life-time updates.  (You can read about some of those updates here.)


Who Is Ben Robinson and Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Ben Robinson is a Certified Public Accountant who didn’t start out with the goal of creating a school to train bookkeepers. His just wanted to train bookkeepers for his CPA firm. Along the way, he realized he had acquired knowledge that was as valuable to others as it was to his business. Bookkeeper Launch (BL) was born.

Today, the information in BL is available to anyone who is interested in building their own virtual bookkeeping business. But, interest isn’t enough. To succeed with this program, you need to be willing to do the work to make it happen. It takes real desire and determination to create something worthwhile and valuable, and the work ethic to see the job through to completion. If that describes you, I hope you’ll continue reading.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn through audio, video, and downloadable transcripts. Your lessons include worksheets, templates, quizzes and more. The lessons are divided into four categories:

Section 1 – Skills includes:

  • Understanding your role as a 21st century bookkeeper
  • Everything you’ll need to know about the reports you’ll be creating and delivering to your clients
  • A proven system to deal with your clients books and much more

Section 2 – Clients includes:

  • Understanding your clients
  • Professional development
  • Sales, Marketing and pricing and much more

Section 3 – Business Systems

  • Setting up your business
  • Proven business framework
  • Lifestyle management and much more

Section 4 – Clients, advanced includes:

  • Setting up your website
  • Referrals
  • Marketing strategies

You’ll also receive access to:

  • The Resource Library
  • A Comprehensive Action Guide

Keep in mind that you don’t need to come into this training with any prior experience in bookkeeping. It’s all provided in the training.

Product Effectiveness

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a well-thought-out, time-tested program. As such, everything is in place to make you a success in the bookkeeping business. The final piece of the puzzle is you. Like everything else in life, you’re going to benefit from diligent effort. But, it is all up to you.

You can complete the course, and turn your knowledge into a wonderful, part-time business. With more effort, and more clients, you can grow a full-time business as large as your dreams will allow.

If you’re ready to create something new in your life, and numbers are your friends, (or you’re sure they could be!) this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Benefits Of Choosing This Path

Why Bookkeeping?

According to three well-respected periodicals, bookkeeping is the number one most-profitable business in the world.  According to Fundera, a Freelance Business to Business (B2B) Service is the 5th most profitable type of business to create. This includes virtual bookkeeping; exactly what BL will prepare you to do! Creating a virtual B2B (business to business) bookkeeping business looks like a smoking-hot commodity!

Why Bookkeeper Business Launch?

  • You’re going to be learning from someone who has years of experience doing the work!
  • You won’t waste time and money learning outdated information or useless theory.
  • You’ll learn how to create a business that meets the needs and demands of 21st century companies.
  • You’ll be producing a real product that is in high demand.
  • You’ll become a trusted adviser and enjoy all the perks that trust entails.

BL is constantly adding extras that are included in the one-time cost of the course.

Why Recommend Bookkeeper Business Launch To Teachers?

If you’re a teacher, current or retired, you have an amazing skill set that will allow you to excel with your own virtual, or online business. Here are five reasons I believe this. I bet if you take a moment, you can come up with five more.

  1. You have managed a classroom of children and kept them involved and on task.  (You already know what it takes to maintain client calendars.)
  2. You have created lesson plans that covered materials from one day, a complete unit, to an entire school year.  (Maintaining client files will be a no-brainer for you.)
  3. You are completely familiar with in-service and taking courses to keep your credential active.  (Keeping current on laws, rules, and regulations will be second nature to you.)
  4. You have experience dealing effectively with administrators.  (You will easily communicate with business owners/established clients.)
  5. You have experience contacting and meeting with parents/guardians.  (You already have the skills needed to contact and acquire new accounts.)

Product Support

Once you’re enrolled you’ll have access to the Student Success Team. You’ll communicate with the SST through:

  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited email support

Also, like many well-run, successful programs, there is a large and very supportive Facebook group. Current and former students are ready to give you the help that you need. In addition, you’ll become part of a welcoming community.


This value-packed program is available for a one-time payment of $2999.

Your one-time fee also entitles you to lifetime access to the program, and free updates as they occur.  Ben is always looking for ways to add even more value to this program, so the updates happen regularly!

You will always have access to the most current information and practices to keep your business fresh and cutting-edge.  Try finding this offer with a college course! Along with the ability to keep your business state-of-the-art, BL also offers an amazing 60-day, unconditional money back guarantee.

If you know it’s time to do something different with your life, click the link below.  Get started on an amazing journey with the number one most-profitable business in the world.

Wrapping It All Up

Ben Robinson spent a great deal of time studying just what was needed to turn you into a great bookkeeper. The course takes that information, and helps turn you into the owner of a great bookkeeping business. If you click on over to Bookkeeper Launch,  you’ll have an opportunity to take a closer look through sample training videos. There’s never any obligation; he truly does want to be sure you and bookkeeping are a good match for each other.

An Alternative to Bookkeeper Business Launch

If you love the idea of running your own business on your own terms, but have a different path in mind, take a look at my #1 recommendation for escaping the classroom. It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns and is the place where I have learned everything you see on this website.

Bookkeeper Business Launch









  • Learn the skills necessary for a 21st century bookkeeper
  • Learn to work successfully with clients
  • Learn how to set up and run your business


  • Your effort determines your income
  • You must be a self-starter
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme

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8 thoughts on “Bookkeeper Business Launch Review”

  1. The bookkeeping business is something I have been considering for a while now, but never really knew where to start up until now.

    It has always looked like a real tough and complicated job.  But, it seems like this Ben Robinson knows what he is talking about.   And, the Bookkeeper Business Launch has to be the best way to get me on the way to this new career that I would love to be able to start.  The pay sounds amazing, so it’s a no-brainer really.

    • I think Ben and Bookkeeper Business Launch is a great way to get a successful bookkeeping business up and running.  It has great income potential and you can run this business anywhere you want!  It’s a virtual business.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it! 

  2. I like that since it’s a course for virtual bookkeeping your location has no impact on your earning potential. It’s nice to come across a product that’s as highly rated as this one. The cost does sound a little steep, but it can be worth the price for such a high-quality product, and honestly relative to a college class is pretty inexpensive. I have some friends who I know are interested in bookkeeping so I’ll definitely pass this post along, well done!

    • I’m glad the article was helpful for you.  You brought up two important points!  The first is the fact that you can be located in a tiny town, but earn big-city rates from clients in another part of the country!  Second is the fact that this course is so much less expensive than the price of a college course.  You can complete it in lots less time too!

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  3. The course looks very comprehensive.  I like that the course teaches you how to be successful at owning a bookkeeping business.

    I think the lifestyle management training is very beneficial to running a successful business in general.  So that’s a nice addition to the program.

    I was a bookkeeper (sometimes full charge) for 12 years.  Do you think the course would benefit someone that already has the experience?

    I am a home educator and wonder what age, would you say, could take a course like this?  Every young person should be required to take this type of course..

    As someone who was not good in math, but somehow landed myself into bookkeeping, I highly recommend everyone have a solid understanding of bookkeeping.  It will not only make you money (if you choose that path), but handling your own money becomes a breeze.  

    I will be keeping this course in mind for after my teen finishes Business Math.

    Glad your website came to me! 😀



    • I agree with you that learning to run your own business is a huge benefit of this course.  That, combined with the life-style lessons will make this course very useful for people with and without bookkeeping experience. 

      If you’re homeschooling children who have an interest in the course, and appropriate math skills, I would think a 15 to 16 year old will be well prepared for this course.   However, I have no knowledge of your child’s skills or motivation, so you’ll need to make the final decision.  I think it’s a wonderful idea!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and joined the conversation.  I appreciate it!

  4. Wow Nancy, I congratulate you on such a well written review!
    Makes me want to start a career as a bookkeeper, lol although I just embarked on a new adventure with Wealthy Affiliate, the most awesome platform to learn what you need to know to start an online niche business, blog, review site…and more.
    Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for the kind words. As you read, Ben Robinson has done a tremendous job creating a program that teaches you not only the skills to become an excellent bookkeeper, but gives you everything you need to market your services and build an in demand business.

      For folks who want to have a business based on their own special niche, Wealthy Affiliate is, without a doubt, the best place to make that happen. As you know, some of the benefits include safe, secure web hosting, world-class training, and 24/7 assistance.

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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