Fiverr Review-Is Fiverr Any Good for Teachers?

Are you a teacher looking to make an income online? In this Fiverr Review, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know before joining Fiverr.

Let’s Get Started!

What Exactly is Fiverr?

Wikipedia describes Fiverr as an “online marketplace for freelance services.” I think that just scratches the surface, since there are over 200 categories on Fiverr that you can offer your expertise in.

The founders began with an idea of creating a marketplace where freelancers world-wide could offer their services to companies large and small, that needed a freelancer’s particular expertise.

The model provides an easy entry to freelancers, also known as sellers, and a level of confidence for buyers through reviews of a freelancer’s past work.

Since 2013, Fiverr has been in the top 100 most popular sites in the U.S. and in the top 200 world-wide. Millions of small, one-off jobs–which Fiverr calls gigs–are completed annually.

With easy entry, and no cost to join, this looks like a very appealing way to launch a part-time business that can grow into a full-time income. Fiverr keeps their platform going by taking 20% of each sale you make.

Who is Fiverr for?

Anyone with a skill or service to offer would find Fiverr worth a closer look. If you’re an individual who fits into one of the three categories below, Fiverr may be a good fit for you:

  • A current teacher wanting to supplement his or her teaching income.
  • A current teachers wanting to replace his or her teaching income.
  • A retired teacher looking for additional income.

From the research I’ve done on teachers who need additional income, this group takes in a huge number of people.

As a seller at Fiverr, you’ll have access to a very large, global audience. This can include large companies, but most Fiverr sellers report that the majority of their gigs are contracted by small companies and solo entrepreneurs. .

Why Join Fiverr?

The most appealing reason for me is the ability to add to my income by doing something I really love.

Fiverr has made it very easy to get started with little more than my computer and an internet connection.

Secondly, the ability to grow my own business has been a long-held goal. Maybe you’ve been nurturing the same desire?

Fiverr gives you the opportunity to take something you’ve already got tons of experience doing in or for your classroom, and using it as a way to launch out on your own.

I found lots of examples of people who turned their simple Fiverr side gig into a way to leave the daily grind behind.

You also have the opportunity to take something that has fascinated you for years and expand your level of expertise and turn into a great side gig.

If your goal isn’t to leave teaching, this could provide you with a great way to buy all those goodies you’ve been wanting for your classroom.

Most of the teachers I know are skilled in at least one of the following three categories listed on Fiverr:Fiverr Review, free-lancing teacher

  • Graphics and Design
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and Animation

Do your skills fit into any of these?

It’s not a problem if they don’t!

Fiverr notes that there are 200 categories that you can offer services in. As a matter of fact, they add that if it’s legal and complies with their terms, you can offer it.

  • Can you use Photoshop? People will pay you to Photoshop photos for them.
  • Are you a pro at playing Fortnite? People will pay you to coach them.
  • Can you draw great cartoons? People will pay you for that too.

My Review of Fiverr

After presenting you with the up-side of this company, I have to admit that I’m very ambivalent about Fiverr. Let me tell you why.

First, things on the buyers side of the company seem to be fine. It’s when you enter the seller side that things start to look problematic.

I should add that I’ve never had an issue with Fiverr. Signing up is actually a fun process. They hold your hand and walk you through the process of getting your account up and running.

Each time you log into the site, a polite little banner appears at the top of the page to let

you know where you are in the process. It gently encourages you to complete your bio, add your photo, and get your gigs listed. Your gig listings are how sellers find you and contract for your product or service.

I’ve also read articles from reputable news sites that document individuals who have turned their Fiverr gigs into six-figure incomes.

However, there are also reviews from sellers who have had nightmare experiences. These include:

  • Failure to receive payment for completed work due to negative reviews
  • Unscrupulous buyers (This includes buyers who threaten to leave a poor review if they’re not given more work than originally negotiated for, and at no cost)
  • Customer Service problems that seem unsolvable
  • Poor Tech Support service


I believe much of the difficulty stems from three sources:

  • Language misunderstandings. (English is not the native language of some of the buyers and sellers.)
  • Business methods. (Many parts of the world do not conduct business using Western standards. That creates differing expectations and problems. I suspect asking lots of questions and spelling out everything in writing would help.) It
  • Not following the Fiverr rules for sellers. (If you break the Fiverr rules, you can have your account shut down. It seems to happen pretty regularly. Fiverr can also hold any payments that are still pending. It seems to be quite difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get your account reinstated.)

And finally, to get started at Fiverr, you will be offering your products or services for embarrassingly low prices by U.S. standards.

How embarrassing? I explain it below.

How You Earn Money with Fiverr

In the Fiverr beginning, everyone got started by offering gigs for $5.00 each. If you did a good job, the client rewarded you by leaving a good review. As you gained good reviews, you could charge a little more.

Now you can begin by setting your own prices. However, if you’re just starting out, you have no reviews, and buyers have no way to judge your ability to provide the product or service you’re offering.

Your choice is to sit and wait for someone to take a chance on you, or get started the old-fashioned Fiverr way. Offer all your gigs for $5.00, build good reviews, and then raise your prices.

How Much Can You Make?

This is pretty easy. If you’re charging $5.00 per gig, and Fiverr is charging 20%, they’ll be depositing $4.00 into your account for each gig successfully completed.

If you’re charging more, just deduct Fiverr’s 20% from your fee, and that’s what you’ll make per gig.

Then, you just determine how many gigs you can complete in a day, or week, or month, and you have your total.

Payment Structure

As I noted above, Fiverr will take 20% off the top of each gig and deposit that into the account you prearranged.

That account can be:

  • Your PayPal account
  • A Fiverr Revenue Card
  • A transfer or Direct Deposit (U.S. accounts) into your bank account

If you’re a level one or level two seller, your funds will be available for release 14 days after your gig is marked complete.

  • Once you’re in the Top Rated Sellers category, wait time drops to seven days.
  • There’s also a $5,000 maximum per withdrawal and only once in a 24-hour period.
  • Obviously, the products or services you offer will also determine how much you can make.

One More Thing

There is one more thing you should take into consideration before getting started with Fiverr. No matter how wonderful your relationship is with the company and your clients, your clients always belong to Fiverr.

You are forbidden to do any work for clients secured by Fiverr outside of the Fiverr platform. Some folks have destroyed very successful businesses by failing to abide by this policy.

I have a hard time understanding how you reconcile having your own business and not having control over your clients. But, that’s just me!

Pros  of  FiverrFiverr Review-Pros and Cons

  • Pro 1 – It’s easy to get started.
  • Pro 2 – It costs nothing to get started.
  • Pro 3 – You can build your own skills and expand your offerings.

Cons of Fiverr

  • Con 1 – Your clients are never your clients.
  • Con 2 – You’ll likely need to begin at the $5.00 per gig rate.
  • Con 3 – A few bad review can destroy all your hard work.

In Conclusion

Lots of folks swear by Fiverr as a way to get established in the free-lance life-style. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with clients from locations you may not have even known existed!

As a teacher, you’re way ahead of the power-curve, because you’re accustomed to planning and working within time constraints.

However, with the potential problems I outlined above, including the very low rates you need to charge as you’re getting started, and the possibility of having your account suspended or closed, I recommend proceeding with extreme caution if you decided to sign up. Fiverr may have been the first company that matches buyers and sellers, but they certainly aren’t the only one.

You can see my ratings below.

How to Join Fiverr

It’s easy to try Fiverr out  for yourself.  Just follow their easy directions to build your bio and set up your gigs.

An Alternative to Fiverr

Fiverr is one way to start building your own business.  But, if you’re putting in this much time and energy, why not build something that you own?

  • Something that will let you choose exactly how and where you want to work.
  • Something that you can build from the comfort or your own home, or anywhere else you and your family decide to be.
  • No need to work for someone else.

Starting your own online business, whether it’s a blog or website, will allow you to chart your own future without the need to pin your hopes and income on other people’s commitment to the business, or policies that can change at a moment’s notice.

Check out my #1 recommendation for building an online business.  They provide wonderful hosting, amazing tools, and teach you everything you’ll need to know.  

Here’s a small sample of the over 100 things I’ve learned so far:

  • A fast, easy way to build a website.
  • How to use WordPress.
  • What keywords are and how to choose the best.
  • How to write posts people will want to read.
  • How to use social media to your best advantage.
  • Why being indexed by Google is important, and how to make it happen.

You’ll also find a community of like-minded individuals who understand your dream, and want to see you succeed.  Many of us have friends and family who simply do not understand our desire to have our own business. They can feel confused and this can cause you to feel like the lone ranger.

You are never alone in your journey, with access to live mentoring and a superior site support department.   

It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns and is the place where I have learned everything you see on this website.  You’ll find everything there you need to start your own proofreading service!

You’ll be joining over one million helpful folks there, many of them current and former teachers, like me.

Best of all, you can check it out for yourself at no cost or obligation.  Why wait any longer to turn that dream of yours into a reality?


No Cost to Join








  • It’s easy to get started
  • It costs nothing to get started
  • It costs nothing to get started


  • Your clients are never your clients
  • You’ll likely need to begin at the $5.00 per gig rate
  • A few bad review can destroy all your hard work.

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6 thoughts on “Fiverr Review-Is Fiverr Any Good for Teachers?”

  1. Fiverr has been a name that is everywhere, and finally getting to see a review on it is a good thing. I have learned more about it, and now I believe it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover. Fiverr seems like a good idea for making money.  Being a teacher and having some earnings from Fiverr would be a good edge to add to your income. I love the idea of free membership, and from your review I see that being good with what you do can be a good step to a good income. Best regards

    • You brought up a great point.  Teachers already have a number of skills they could offer on Fiverr.  Those skills could bring in a great second income, or even replace a teaching salary.

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. Definitely look at Fiverr if you are particularly good at a certain skill and you want to use that skill to make extra money. It is just a pity that you have to start out on such low pay, but as you say, with good reviews and some patience, you will do better and better as time goes on. 

    It is also great and reassuring to know that you will never have an excuse for not having work. In this day and age, you should never face unemployment, unless you really don’t want to work. 

    • What a great point you bring up.  It looks like you can make money on Fiverr with almost any type of skill or knowledge.  With a computer and an internet connection, anyone can be in business for themselves.

      Thanks for joining the conversation today; I appreciate it!

  3. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am a pro in programming and I can say that Fiverr really helped me to be financially free. I started with small gigs but with time the price increases. Just like you said, Fiverr has its pros and cons but if you look to earn some extra cash online it can be a great source of income.

    • How exciting to hear that Fiverr has helped you to become financially free.  It’s also encouraging to hear that you’ve been able to increase your price as you’ve developed a following.

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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