HeyTutor Review – Is HeyTutor Any Good for Teachers?

Are you a teacher interested in making an income with online teaching?  There are lots of companies interested in having you sign on to their list of tutors. HeyTutor is one of them.  In this HeyTutor Review, I will walk you through everything you need to know before joining HeyTutor.

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What Exactly is HeyTutor?

HeyTutor is a private, for profit company that allows tutors and students to connect with each other in real time.  In other words, they act as the middleman connecting students who need tutoring with experienced tutors.

The company was founded in March, 2016 by Skylar Lucci and Ryan Neman as a way to give students access to quality tutors at more affordable rates.

I’ve included this short video.  It will give you a nice peek into the site.


Who is HeyTutor for?

HeyTutor is designed to give students at all grade levels access to quality tutors.  Since the company is home based in Southern California, it seems to be most appealing to students living in North America.

HeyTutor should also be very attractive to teachers, since HeyTutor advertises tutors skilled and available in 250 subjects.  If you’re looking for an online tutoring opportunity, you should find a warm welcome there, no matter what subject you teach. They also offer a private, in-person tutoring option which you might find interesting.  If you’re thinking about tutoring English online, but need training and your TESL, International TESL Academy is worth checking out.

HeyTutor also has a feature that busy parents should love.  Called HeyTutor Pro, it’s part of the in-person tutoring package.  The parent lets HeyTutor know exactly what they want in their child’s tutor, and HeyTutor does the matching.

There’s no need for the parent to get involved in the interviewing process.  This could really be a big time saver.

Why Join HeyTutor?

There can be a number of reasons to join a tutoring company.  For most teachers, additional income is the main reason they’ll consider joining HeyTutor.  Teacher working a second job

It’s no secret that teaching salaries haven’t been keeping pace with expenses.  Many teachers have been forced to add a part-time job to their list of must-do items.

If that’s you, then you may appreciate the second reason to join HeyTutor.

You choose when and where you want to work, and set your own rates.

If you pick HeyTutor’s online option, you can conduct class from wherever you want.  As long as you have an internet connection and your computer, you’re in class.

This all holds true for retirees as well.  And, since you have more control over your day, scheduling in-person sessions may be an easier option for you.

My Review of HeyTutor

The free application process is quite easy.  Once you click the button to join HeyTutor, you’re taken through a very quick, six-step application.  You’ll give them:

  • Your name, address, and phone number.
  • Your basic rates for your tutoring jobs.  (They suggest a rate of $25-$40 per session.)
  • A list of your universities attended and credentials held.
  • An attention-getting profile. (This is what students and parents will see.)
  • Tutoring subjects you’ll be available for.
  • Signature on the independent contractor form.

What About an Interview?

HeyTutor Review-Is HeyTutor Any Good for Teachers?

Interviews can be held at one of their locations if you’re close, or by Skype.  Everyone I’ve heard from reports that their interview took less than 15 minutes.

However, you will be asked to support why you feel qualified to teach each of the subjects you’ve listed.  One reviewer made the point of advising applicants not to “lie,” because HeyTutor will check you information for accuracy.

Once You’re Hired

Once you’re part of the family, you’ll be given access to the site and your account.  You can get to work right away by browsing the online requests for tutors as well as receive real-time notifications when someone has requested a tutor in your subject.

HeyTutor takes care of all the billing, and you’ll be paid weekly on completed sessions. Payments are handled by direct deposit or by deposit on a credit card you specify.

They also offer a great feature I haven’t seen before.  If you’ve been tutoring with another company, you’ll be allowed to bring up to 10 reviews with you, and post them on your HeyTutor page.  Instant Credibility!

How You Earn Money from HeyTutor

HeyTutor advertises that you can set your own rates.  However, when you fill out the application, they suggest you set your rate between $25 and $40.  I’m assuming this is the sweet spot for tutoring prices.

If that’s the case, you’ll get more opportunities for tutoring sessions, which could give your more money at the end of each week, than if you’d set your rate higher.

Does the Company Take a Cut?

The company sells packages of a set number of hours or sessions to students.  They don’t mention taking a cut of your fee, so they could be setting rates high enough to meet your expectations, and theirs.  I wish I could tell you more, but there is absolutely no transparency when it comes to how this is handled.

They do note that if you’re offered a tutoring session that doesn’t meet your requirements, you are free to turn it down.

Since this is a freelance position, and the more sessions you accept the more money you make, it’s anyone’s guess how often this really happens.

My Concerns

In spite of all the good things this company offers its tutors, I have four glaring concerns about HeyTutor.

How do they meet their expenses? 

Other companies are quite open about this.  In all fairness, HeyTutor is a start-up. They haven’t been in business for four years yet.  However, there are other things that are troubling.

How many tutoring sessions can you expect during the school year?

We all know that summer will likely be slow, but what is the norm? They don’t share that information on the recruiting page either.  Since they are a new company, some sort of reassurance showing the averages for other tutors would be very helpful.

HeyTutor Review-Is HeyTutor Any Good for Teachers?

Quality control issues

It’s very clear from a number of reviews that there is little quality control.  Tutors and students are expected to work out their relationship and the tutoring sessions.  It really appears to be a bare-bones referral service.

If you take a look at the reviews from customers, it looks like the quality control issues are a problem on that end too.  Clients are expected to sign up for a package before they are told exactly what they will be paying for the sessions.

This happens because prices seem to be all over the board.  One reviewer suggested that prices are set once the the company knows the prices range a customer is willing to pay.

A quick look on the client site will confirm that no pricing is available when making a decision to request tutoring.

Customer complaints

Customer complaints revolve around how they were treated when a satisfactory tutor couldn’t be found and they requested a refund.   People who experience poor customer service tell everyone they know.

Being dependent on a company with these sorts of issues should be worrying.  These issues should be a big red flag for someone thinking about investing time, energy, and income expectations.

Pros of HeyTutor

  • Pro 1 – You choose when to work.
  • Pro 2 – You choose where to work.
  • Pro 3 – You set your own rates.

Cons of HeyTutor

  • Con 1 – Little quality control.
  • Con 2 – No transparency regarding payment procedures.
  • Con 3 – Poor customer service reviews.

My Final Take on HeyTutor

While I usually love the idea of working for a start-up, this one has too many red flags flapping in the breeze.  The potential for a very frustrating experience and wasted time seems too great.  There are other companies out there that do a much better job of communicating with their tutors and keeping their customers happy.

Love a challenge, and want to give HeyTutor a try?  You’ll be taken to the main page where you can follow the link to the “Become a Tutor” page.

An Alternative to HeyTutor

If you’re putting in this much time and energy into starting something new, why not build something that you own?

  • Something that will let you choose exactly how and where you want to work.
  • Something that you can build from the comfort or your own home, or anywhere else you and your family decide to be.
  • No need to work for someone else.

Starting your own online business, whether it’s a blog or website, will allow you to chart your own future without the need to pin your hopes and income on other people’s commitment to the business.

Check out my #1 recommendation for building an online business.  They provide wonderful hosting, amazing tools, and teach you everything you’ll need to know.  

Here’s a small sample of the over 100 things I’ve learned so far:

  • A fast, easy way to build a website.
  • How to use WordPress.
  • What keywords are and how to choose the best.
  • How to write posts people will want to read.
  • How to use social media to your best advantage.
  • Why being indexed by Google is important, and how to make it happen.

You’ll also find a community of like-minded individuals who understand your dream, and want to see you succeed.  Many of us have friends and family who simply do not understand our desire to have our own business. They can feel confused and this can cause you to feel like the lone ranger.

You are never alone in your journey, with access to live mentoring and a superior site support department.   

It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns and is the place where I’ve learned everything you see on this website.  You’ll find everything there you need to start your own tutoring business, or any other online business you choose!

You’ll be joining over one million helpful folks there, many of them current and former teachers, like me.

Best of all, you can check it out for yourself at no cost or obligation.  Why wait any longer to turn that dream of yours into a reality?










  • You choose when to work.
  • You choose where to work.
  • You set your own rates.


  • Little quality control.
  • No transparency regarding payment procedures.
  • Poor customer service reviews.

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10 thoughts on “HeyTutor Review – Is HeyTutor Any Good for Teachers?”

  1. I feel like there are other platforms online that offer tutoring services for people who want to work online. It is the first I am seeing that offers a wide range of subjects, though.  But, like you mentioned in the concluding part of this post, there are too many red flags surrounding the platform, so it is better that one tries out other alternatives. Nice one here!

    • Thanks for the kind words.  You mentioned one of the things I love about HeyTutor; the wide range of subjects.  Students have access to tutoring in a huge range of topics.  I would be great tor tutors and students alike if they can get rid of those red flags!

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. Hey thanks for sharing all of these thoughts about HeyTutor. The concept is great as there really is no substitute for indvidual help when struggling with a concept. Giving teachers and tutors access to earn a great fee for their work is encouraging, but with the lack of quality control and poor customer service it’s going to be hard to convince the best candidates to sign up. 

    • I couldn’t agree with you more.  One-on-one learning is the best!  And, HeyTutor’s goal of putting students and teachers together is also great.  If they can make the necessary changes, I think the best of the best will certainly want to tutor for them.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  3. Hello again Nancy!

    Thanks for another informative article! The fact that teachers’ salaries are sometimes not enough is a reality in world’s most civilized countries like US too, as it results from your articles.

    From my experience, I know that my stepmother was a History teacher for many years (we live in Romania), and eventually she needed to find a second job in the Insurance domain, eventually ceasing completely to be a teacher. So there are also cases when teachers completely leave their original activity field, besides finding other jobs.

    At least HeyTutor helps teachers within their main domain of activity, incentivating them by means of rates. Maybe this program has not had enough time to develop so that it be more trustable, as for its red flags. If they had, say, a norm of 15-20 lessons a month, each at a $40 rate, this would mean a decent amount of extra money per month (supposing the teacher doesn’t leave their main job).

    There is no doubt that people must be careful before going into new programs. But then again, maybe HeyTutor still needs some more time to become clearer to its customers, as it is still relatively new on the market.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Peter,

      I agree with you completely.  HeyTutor seems to be on the right track, and it’s possible that they will solve all these issues.  If so, I think it would be a great option.  However, in its current state, I can’t recommend it.  

      You also brought up a good point about the salary being very good if you can get a reasonable number of hours each week.  Unfortunately, they don’t address that at all.  We’ll have to keep an eye on them and see what they’re able to accomplish.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  4. Teaching and learning online has grown the stage whereby some people decided not to attend physical day school sessions because of the convenience it offers and it’s credibility. Heytutor  is a good offer for people who would love to teach online. The only thing I’m able to notice about this program is that it seems to be available for only experienced teachers, that If I’m correct. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much for asking!  Some of the material might give you that impression.  However, as long as you have a strong background in the subjects you’re tutoring, you’re eligible to work for HeyTutor.  

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  5. As good as this Heytutor platform is, its short comings are not liable to be neglected because they are the core of the business, I mean what’s the essence of the work you do that your payment might be affected because Heytutor’s  has no transparency regarding payment procedures. I wouldn’t advise that anyone engage in this because it’s liable to be non profitable as time goes on. 

    • Since they are still so new, it’s quite possible that they will get these issues fixed.  However, business is business, and anyone signing up to work as a tutor there should be aware of the current conditions.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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