How To Make Money Selling Christian Products Online

I can’t think of a better time to start an online business than right now, or a better niche to choose than the Christian market.  There are plenty of great companies selling Christian products with great affiliate programs.  There are more Christian topics to write about than hours in a day to write them.  As a result of the events taking place in the first half of 2020, there is a renewed and growing interest in the Christian message.  How to Make Money Selling Christian Products Online is your go-to guide for internet success.

Here’s how!

Start Here for Best Results

If you’ve ever seen the quote, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail,” you’re already ahead of your competition.  I can’t tell you how important it is to know your market and what your prospective customers are looking for.  A quick check shows that in the U.S. alone, there are almost 240 million Christians.  World-wide almost one third of the population, or 2.4 billion, are Christian.

Those are some pretty exciting numbers!  But, are any of them online looking for Christian products?  Let’s find out!

Products Christians Search For

1. Look at Monthly Searches for Christian Related Terms

The first thing I did was to go to my search tool, Jaaxy, to find the number of times people looking to make a purchase typed in the term Christian Bookstore Online.

This search shows the number of people who search for this keyword each month.  That’s what you see in the first column of numbers on the chart.  If you read through the searches people perform each month, you can begin to collect some great niche ideas and topics for articles you may want to write about.  I’ll talk about niches a little later in this article.  Right now, let’s get a little more specific and do one more keyword search.

You can see in the chart below that I did a search using the keyword Christian Bookstore Online and came up with some interesting information.  For example, there are 9284 searches for the term Christian Bookstore online each month.  If I was planning to sell Christian products online, I’d also want to do searches for the keywords Christian items, Christian gifts, and Christian supplies.  The more you research the better picture you get of just what your prospective customers are looking for, and the direction you want to take with your business.

How to Make Money Selling Christian Products

As you can see, I use Jaaxy for my keyword searches.  It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use.  Give it a try in the search box below.  See what the search numbers are for some of your keywords.

2. Search Trends

Another important step is to make sure that interest is maintained over time. I took a look on Google Trends and checked how our topic has been trending online for the past five years.  As you can see below, I checked on the keywords Christian Bookstore Online, Christian Book, and Christian Gifts.

How to Make Money Selling Christian Products

We can see from the chart above that interest has remained pretty consistent over time.  This looks like a niche that will perform well.

Which Niche to Choose

Choosing your niche, or section of the Christian marketplace you plan to focus on, has been known to cause some folks a few sleepless nights!  I just think it’s fun.  Once you’ve done your research and have determined the ideas you’re considering have good numbers, you just pick the one you find most interesting, and that you’ll enjoy writing about.

So, do you go broad with a niche like Online Christian Bookstore, or deep with something like Christian Gifts, or Bibles?  My best recommendation is to avoid going too broad.  You want to become an expert in your particular niche, and there are lots of great ones to choose.  Here are just a few you could build a great business on:

  • Bibles
  • Christian gifts
  • Christian jewelry and medals
  • Christian books
  • Christian movies/videos
  • Christian dating services
  • Church supplies
  • Christian homeschooling resources

No way is an exhaustive list, and you can probably come up with many, many more.  The key here is to be confident you have a niche you can become, if you’re not already, an expert in. You want to be able to write with authority in all areas that apply to your niche so your customers see your site as the place to go to with their needs and questions..

Solving Your Customer’s Problem

A huge chunk of people head to the web when they have a question or problem to solve.  It could be to find a good breeder for the type of puppy you’ve decided to buy.  It could be to find the dishwasher with the most five star ratings at the best price possible.  Since the topic of this discussion is Christian products, there are all kinds of problems your customer could be looking to solve.

How to Make Money Selling Christian ProductsMaybe  they’re getting deeper into bible study and want a red letter annotated reference bible.  Or perhaps they plan to homeschool their children this year and are looking for a quality homeschool curriculum.  Or, they could be looking for a really fabulous piece of 24K gold Christian jewelry for their wife’s birthday.

Whether your customer already knows what he wants and is looking for the best deal, or she has a problem and is looking for the best solution, you want to offer information and links that will deliver the best solution.

One benefit of choosing a niche that you have a real interest in is that it will allow you to dig deep into the questions and concerns your customers will have.  After all, if you’re well versed on the topic, you will be able to anticipate all kinds of sub-topics to offer your customers.

And in the process, you’ll come to be seen as a true expert in your niche, and the first place to go to when a need or questions arises.  When you become this invaluable to your customers, you can’t help but be successful!

Getting the Sale

My best recommendation for getting sales and growing your business is going to sound counterintuitive, and maybe downright crazy!  However, if you implement what I’m about to tell you, you’ll find it a reliable path to success.  It also removes a great deal of stress and allows you to have fun with your website.

Do I have your attention?  OK, here it is: Forget about Making Sales.

That’s right, instead of making the dollar your prime focus, focus on your customer’s wants and needs.  Make finding out what drives your customer to get out of bed in the morning, and move through his day your main concern.  Help her solve her problem, and she’ll love you for it.  Slay one of her dragons and she’ll bookmark your page and start trusting you with her purchases and subscriptions.

If you put your customers first by meeting their needs, they’ll put you first.  They may even tell their family, friends, and co-workers about you too.  Word of mouth business is a wonderful thing.  If they have good experiences with you, they’ll want to share that with the folks they know.

As you write your posts, show your readers that you know what you’re talking about by really doing your homework.  Research your topic so your posts give your readers a thorough understanding of the product or products you’re recommending and why.  Go deep into the pros and cons of each product.

Make sure you’ve given them complete information that will make their buying decision a well-informed, satisfying one.  Including customer reviews, helpful charts and photos showing others using the product goes a long way in helping your customer feel informed and ready to make a buying decision.

Many Ways to Sell Christian Products Online

You have a choice to make.  There are several ways to make your mark as an online seller.  Let’s take a look at these three.

Affiliate Marketing in the Christian Niche

Affiliate Marketing has to be the simplest, and friendliest way to make money online.  Here are the steps in a nutshell.

  • Choose your niche
  • Write informative articles that help customers solve a problem within that niche.
  • Recommend a reputable company and their product that will be beneficial to your customer.  (This is done through a customized link.)
  • If your customer agrees that the product would be helpful, and makes a purchase, the owner of the company pays you a commission.

Finding affiliate programs is simple.  You can sign-up as an affiliate with companies like Amazon, ShareASale, or Commission Junction.  You can also find companies that maintain their own affiliate programs.  Take a look at the screenshot below where I used the keyword affiliate programs for Christian bloggers.  How to Make Money Selling Christian Products
You’ll want to make sure the company offers your customers great products along with great customer service.  You’ll also want to be sure they offer you a reasonable commission and have a track record of paying commission in a timely fashion.

Since you will refer your customers through a customized link, you’ll need to apply to the companies you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for long before you recommend them.

You’ll be expected to supply information which includes:

  • Your name.
  • A link to your website.
  • Number of visitors to your site.
  • Why you think your site would be a good fit with their company.
  • Your plan for promoting their product.

Have a look at this post where I reveal the 9 Best Christian Affiliate Programs available.

Drop Shipping Christian Based Products

Drop shipping has been around for a very long time, so you may already know the basics.  For those of you who aren’t as familiar with this method, here are the basics.

  • Determine what products you want to sell and find a wholesaler who offers that product.
  • Create a site, such as Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify, and offer the product to the buying public.  Manage the sales processes and customer service.
  • Once a sale is made, you send the payment and shipping information to the wholesaler who packages and ships the product to your customer.

Since you’re free to set the selling price of the item, your profit is the difference between what your customer paid you, and what you paid your wholesaler.

You  have complete control of your customer list, and are able to create all kinds of incentives to encourage those customers to return to your site over and over again.

Of course, customer service is always your responsibility as well as keeping current with payments to your wholesaler.

Finding suppliers is as simple as performing an online search.  You can see an example below of a quick search I did on Google using the keyword dropship:bibles.How to Make Money Selling Christian Products
Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the supplier:

  • Has quality products.
  • Has a reputation for fast shipping.
  • Charges reasonable fees for their services.

Sell Your Own Christian Product Label

If your dream is to market your own products, but you don’t have a product to market, it’s not a problem.  Often called white labeling, wholesalers will sell you products which you can then place your own branded labels on.  Some will even do the labeling for you, for an additional fee.  Some will even offer dropshipping services as well.

Check below for the results of my search for wholesale:Christian gift items.

How to Make Money Selling Christian Products

Other Options

Of course, if you do have a product or service to offer, you are in a perfect position to make it available to the world.  Offering your product either online or through YouTube has never been easier.

Some products that would do well are:

  • How-to instructions.
  • Lessons or Courses.
  • Services with introductory mini-lessons.
  • Products that would appeal to your niche.

Just recently, I’ve purchased metal bracelets and a plaque with engraved verses.  They were created and manufactured by the online shop owner.  If you have skills and imagination, the list of products you can offer your customers is huge!

I recommend starting out with affiliate marketing because it is the path of least resistance. You hold no inventory and don’t need to deal with payments or returns.

You Can Start Right Now

So what’s holding you back?  It really is a simple process if you know how, and I’m going to tell you what you need to know to get started.

Building Your Christian Niche Website

If you/ve decided to take the plunge and become an affiliate marketer, dropshipper, or supplier, you’re going to want to build a website.  A website gives you the means to reach customers in a variety of ways.  You can post your own featured articles, promote YouTube videos, and host a variety of other marketing solutions including links to promote and build product sales.

Your Christian Products Niche on Social Media

Social Media is a well established way to get your message out to an audience hungry for just what you’re promoting.  The Christian market is no different.  One site that would be great for showcasing products, along with photos and videos is Pinterest.  If you already have an account, it’s simple to add your business and start Pinning your latest item of thought.  If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, a few minutes spent understanding the site will pay off with viewers in a very short time.

Start a Christian Products YouTube Channel

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of appearing on a video?  The good news is you can build a real YouTube kingdom without ever recording your face.  You may want to include a picture of yourself, but that’s as far as it needs to go.  Presenting or demonstrating your products, with you doing commentary will be all that’s really needed.  The real point of your videos is to let viewers see your products in action.  So, a demonstration of you carving a verse into a plaque blank, your daughter’s wrist with the newest addition to your bracelet options, or a wall full of posters you handletter and frame is what will get viewers to place their orders.

Join Christian Social Communities

Getting involved in a few groups will give you tremendous insight into the problems and concerns your potential customers are dealing with.  Facebook is often the first stop people think of.  I’ve included a screenshot of some other options for you below.How to Make Money Selling Christian Products


There you have it.  Starting and building an online business has never been easier.  I hope I’ve given you plenty of information that encourages you to take the next step and see for yourself how rewarding having your own online Christian Products business can be.

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  1. This is a niche that you need to take a look at. More people appear to be turning to religion in various forms. Christianity offers so much spiritually but also a lot which will help people grow. Yes, I am saying Christianity is relevant in today’s society and can help people be the person they really want to be.

    • You are absolutely right.  There’s lots of first-hand information documenting how more and more people are embracing Christianity in these very unsettling times.  For someone wanting to create an online business serving the needs of these folks, there’s even more good news.  This increase in interest isn’t just happening in North American, but around the world.  

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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