Isagenix International MLM Review

Looking to build up your bank account while you trim down your waistline? Thinking Isagenix might be the way to do both? In my Isagenix International MLM Review, I’ll help you weigh the pros and cons before you fill out your associate app.

What is Isagenix International MLM?

Isagenix International is a multi-level marketing company that has been marketing dietary supplements and skin care products since 2002. Founded by John Anderson, and Jim and Cathy Coover, the company is privately held.

Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, the company’s current CEO is Travis Ogden. Isagenix products are currently sold in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Are Isagenix Products Worth the Money?

To help answer this question, I focused on two packaged options, the Weight Loss Premium Pack and the Rejuvity Essentials Pack in the skin care line.

Weight Loss Premium Pack

The Weight Loss Premium Pack is pictured below, along with the price. The plan instructs you to have two shakes a day, some snacks, and a 400-600 calorie meal that you prepare.

One day a week is your cleanse day. This will consist of a liquid diet along with supplements and limited snacks.Isagenix International MLM Review - Diet

I have two concerns about this plan, sugar and calories.


You probably already know that an ingredient is listed based on its percentage in the product. If the product is mostly sugar, sugar is the first ingredient listed.

Most of Isagenix’s weight loss products have lots of sugar added. Not just sugar, but the current granddaddy of the bad-for-you foods list, fructose.

So What’s the Problem?

Fructose, and for a number of reasons. Here are three:

  • It can only be metabolized by the liver and can’t be used for energy by your body’s cells.
  • Excess Fructose can damage the liver.
  • It increases uric acid production, and in excess can cause kidney stones, among other problems.


This is a very low calorie diet, and can be unsafe for some people. It can cause other problems as well.

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

Consuming too few calories over extended periods can lead to more severe issues such as

  • Gallstones
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease

Also, keep in mind these items are considered dietary supplements and food products. As such, they are not subject to FDA approval. While you can probably lose weight using Isagenix Weight Loss products, there are other healthier, less expensive ways to do it.

This 30-day plan is going to cost between $399.99 and $588.83. If you agree to a monthly subscription, you’ll save 25% over the retail.

Skin Care

I compared the Rejuvity Essentials Pack with the products I use from a well-known company sold in what’s considered a better department store.

If you’re comparing just price, and you purchase your Rejuvity at the preferred customer price, there’s very little difference in pricing. Depending on whether you purchase at the preferred customer price, or the one-time retail, the pack will cost $181.00 or $241.33 respectively.
Isagenix International MLM Review - Rejuvity

However, you get a lot less for the money when purchasing the Isagenix products. For example, I get 4.2 oz of cleanser compared to 2.5 oz of cleanser in the Rejuvity pack. Sizing differences are similar for their other items.

Customer reviews 

Customer reviews of the products are what you would expect. Many women are happy with their results, some are not. The unhappy customer reviews I read cited redness and burning skin. One woman on Amazon even experienced a chemical burn on her eye…ouch!

Like all other skin care lines, you don’t know how a product will perform on your skin until you try it.

Based on the higher prices and smaller containers, I will not be giving Isagenix products a try.

The Isagenix MLM Opportunity

The Isagenix MLM opportunity offers three main ways to make money:

  • Selling Isagenix products to your own customers.
  • Recruiting and building a team to sell Isagenix.
  • Bonuses based on combined teams sales.

Step 1

To get started, you can have your Isagenix Consultant help you get signed up, or you can do it on your own at the Isagenix website. You simply sign up as a customer, purchase products, and then follow the directions to become an associate.

You’ll receive a personal website to sell to your customers, access to training and support materials to run your business. Pretty easy so far.

Step 2

Becoming a Consultant requires that you:

  • Have a Personal Volume or PV or 100.
  • Have two teams members who each have a Business Volume or BV of 100 each.

In many MLM companies, 1 PV or 1 BV equals $1. Not so with Isagenix. It appears that each product has its own value. The reality here is that you and your team members will be required to sell more than $100 worth of product in a 30-day cycle.

At this point, Isagenix reminds you that, “ Your goal should be to identify, train, and support others in sharing the products with as many Customers as possible.”  That doesn’t leave much time to build your own customer base and sales.

The reality of how much work is involved in getting an MLM business off the ground and the skills needed to make that happen, come as a shock to most people.

As your rank increases, so do the steps to meeting the earning requirements. This is not a straight-forward plan, nor is it easily explained. This should be some cause for concern.

Most MLM companies make charts available showing earning potential. Perhaps it’s available to you once you sign up, but that’s not really satisfactory.

What I did find is a document from 2014.  It’s the most recent available and shows the range of earnings, and the percentage of consultants that fell into those categories.

Isagenix International MLM Review - Earnings

Isagenix Products

Isagenix International MLM Review - Essential Oils

The product line consists of the following seven categories of products. They are offered in easy-to-use packs and also sold individually.

  • Weight Loss
  • Performance
  • Vitality + Well-Being
  • Isa Kids
  • Essential Oils
  • Personal Care and Beauty

How Much Does it Cost to Join Isagenix?

By paying a membership fee that can be as low as $29, you can become an Isagenix Associate. That will give you the privilege of purchasing your Isagenix products at wholesale prices, and launching your business.

Can You Make Money with Isagenix?

How much money do you want to make? Are you thinking of this as a way to cover the cost of your favorite Isagenix products? Maybe a part-time income or a few hundred dollars a month. Or, do you want to see a full-time income rolling into your bank account each month?

If you took a look at the chart above, you noticed these fairly common statistics.  Keep in mind that these numbers only pertain to 5.4% of all Isagenix members:

  • 7% of all consultants earned an average of $6972 annually.
  • 5% earned an average of $15,363 per year.
  • 2% earned 25,000 to $49,999 annually.

The advertising for Isagenix shows the number of millionaires the company has been responsible for. The 2018 number is 180 in the United States. The 2018 population of the U.S. was 327.2 million.

The number of people making more is negligible. The norm for MLM consultants holds true with Isagenix; the majority makes considerably less,

  • 85% earn between $500 and $4,999 annually.

The median of $700 to $2101 annually works out to be a monthly income of $58.33 to $175.08 respectively.

If you’re in the bottom category, you’re going to spend more than that just keeping your 100 PV current so you can remain an active consultant.

The little chart below highlights information from an AARP survey. It gives a clear idea of whether or not you can make money with Isagenix.

Isagenix International MLM Review - MLM Stats

Pros and Cons of Isagenix


  • The company has been around since 2002.
  • They have success stories you can share with your customers.


  • The products are expensive.
  • There are concerns about the safety of the diet plans.
  • As with all MLM companies, someone else gets to make the decisions that affect your business.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the Glassdoor reviews, you can find lots of comments about a lack of confidence in upper management by Isagenix International MLM Review - Glassdoor Reviewcorporate employees. If you check the Glassdoor chart below, you’ll see that the CEO only enjoys a 50% approval rate. Only 51% of the folks reviewing the company would recommend it to a friend. This is important, because these are the people making business decisions that affect you and your income directly.

No matter how much you’re told it’s your business, it’s not. You work to build a team, work to replace those who drop out, and keep them all trained. What you don’t get to do is make any of the decisions that affect the direction taken by the company.

Like the Mary Kay distributors in Australia and New Zealand who woke up to discover the company had ceased operations in their countries, you have no say in financial decisions. Everything they had been building was gone in a moment.

Like the distributors who had built Advocare and were rewarded by having the owners eliminate the MLM portion of the business.

Like the consultants at LuLaRoe who had their commission structure replaced by a new version that eliminated up to half of their earnings.

An Alternative to Multi-Level Marketing

What is your reason for starting your own business? If you just love the idea of constant recruiting and training, then MLM may be for you.

If you have a dream of building a sustainable, passive income, maybe one that builds even while you sleep, go to the movies, or take a vacation, take a look at my #1 recommendation for building an online business. They provide wonderful hosting, amazing tools, and teach you everything you’ll need to know.

If offering dietary supplements is your chosen path, you can do that with your own online business.

If offering skin care products is your chosen path, you can do that too.

If you have a completely different idea, or maybe your own product, you can market that through your own online business as well.

  • You won’t have to spend your valuable time recruiting anyone.
  • You won’t have to spend your valuable time training anyone.
  • You won’t be limited to offering products from just one vendor.

With your own online business, the world is your oyster, and you can take your business in any direction you choose!

Why work to build someone else’s empire when you can put all your efforts into building your own? Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least take a look? There’s no cost, and no obligation to see for yourself.

Isagenix International MLM Review









  • The company has been around since 2002.
  • They have success stories you can share with your customers.


  • The products are expensive.
  • There are concerns about the safety of the diet plans.
  • As with all MLM companies, someone else gets to make the decisions that affect your business.

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