Niche Marketing Kit Review-is Niche Marketing Kit Any Good?

Are you interested in making money online, but have no idea what you need to focus on to be successful? In this Niche Marketing Kit Review, I will walk you through everything you need to know before clicking the Buy Now button! Let’s get started!

What Exactly is Niche Marketing Kit?niche marketing kit review

Niche Marketing Kit is a collection of products that are advertised as an “Internet Marketing Complete Toolkit.”

The developers, John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson, have put together all the information they credit with their success in internet marketing.

They say that the kit includes the products they believe will help you succeed in “the simplest and fastest way possible.” Who can argue with simple and fast?

Who is Niche Marketing Kit For?

This kit is for you if you’re interested in getting started in niche marketing, and need some focus on the basic elements. It could also be a great choice for you if you’re looking for ways to energize and improve your already in existence niche marketing website.

What is Niche Marketing?

Want to be a little clearer on what niche marketing is? Wikipedia defines niche marketing as “the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.”

Here are a few examples:

  • Ford pickups built in the 1940s could be a niche.
  • Short-legged beagles could be a niche.
  • American Civil War Battlefields in the state of Virginia could be a niche.

Get the idea?

The Niche Marketing Kit focuses on the six areas Thornhill and Nicholson have been excelling in over the past few years. The screenshot below shows several pieces of information they provided.

The three pieces of information most helpful for you are;

  • The number of visitors to their sites
  • The total number of sales credited to their sites
  • The total amount of money their sites earned.

niche marketing kit review

Why Purchase Niche Marketing Kit

Thornhill and Nicholson include an amazing amount of information in their kit for an incredible price. Even if you don’t get in on the Christmas, 2019 offer, it’s still an amazing amount of material for the price.

It’s all going to be downloaded to your computer, so you won’t need to go buy a new bookcase to house books and training discs, either. It’s easy and convenient to access whatever lesson you want to work on.

Also, not too many people would argue that the six categories they include are among the most important to getting and keeping a niche marketing site up and running.

My Review of Niche Marketing Kit

The huge amount of material in Niche Marketing Kit covers these categories in video and e-book format:

  • Website Traffic – 7 different products which include:
    • One set of lessons that says it will teach you how to start profiting in 45 days.
    • 150,000 articles with full private label rights
  • Video Marketing – 11 different products which include:
    • SEO video traffic course
    • Video sales and squeeze page templates
    • Video sales page templates
  • Affiliate Marketing – 12 products which include:
    • Business models
    • Targeted traffic
    • Keywords
  • List Building -11 products which include:
    • Building a list
    • Creating a landing page
  • Social Media – 10 products which include:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Internet Marketing Essentials – 4 products

For a limited time, you’ll also receive 8 additional bonus products.

Purchasing is Easy

You just click the Buy Now button at the bottom of the Niche Marketing Kit website. This product is offered through ClickBank. ClickBank has been in business for a long time and is well-known. Purchasing through them is a safe process, and you’ll be sent a link to download your materials.

You’ll receive a No Risk, 100% Guarantee. This is a no questions asked, 30 Day love the product, or get your money back promise.

You’ll also have a number of ways to pay for your kit, including PayPal.

Of course, expect to have several opportunities to purchase additions to the basic package.


Oneniche marketing kit review

I have a few concerns about Niche Marketing Kit. Let’s start with the Guarantee. I have no doubt about ClickBank honoring it if you decide you don’t love the products, and want your money back.

I do have concerns with the fact that you only have 30 days to make your decision. There is just so much material to cover, how will you know in 30 short days if this material is going to be useful for you?


There is an overwhelming amount of material offered in this kit. I expect that most everything you’ll need is included in the Niche Marketing Kit. However, it looks like information overload on steroids to me.

If you’re just getting started, how do you know where to begin? How do you know when to move from one product to the next and in what order?

For example, how do you know when to begin working on social media, or if it’s a good time to start building your list?

Done well, each of these steps takes time to understand and develop. It can’t all be done at one time, and some things need to happen before moving on to the next.

What do you do if you have questions? I haven’t seen anything the offers the opportunity to get one-on-one assistance or advice when you need it.


There are all kinds of templates included in this kit. If you’re not already an experienced internet marketer, how do you know which to use. More importantly, how do you know they’ll fit your niche and are the quality you want for your site.

In the Website Traffic category, you’re going to receive 150,000 articles to use. At first glance this seems great. However, everyone with the kit has access to the same articles.

If several individuals are using the same article without making significant changes before posting them for indexing on Google, there’s a problem. If Google thinks an article isn’t original enough, they penalize you.

Too much duplicate material is going to create a major headache for you. Staying on Google’s good side should be at the top of your To Do list.

You don’t want to upset the “Google gods!” It can cause unwanted problems for your site.


I mentioned earlier that Niche Marketing Kit is a “tool kit package.” It’s not training. The material covers areas of primary importance to internet marketers, but it’s not training for folks with limited, or no experience in niche marketing.


niche marketing kit review

Once you’ve purchased Niche Marketing Kit, you’re still going to need a few things before you can build your site. You’re going to need to:

  • Purchase your domain
  • Set up a hosting account
  • Set up a WordPress account, or something similar, and learn how to use it
  • Find some place to get live help and one-on-one coaching to clarify the numerous questions that are likely to come up as you develop your site.

With these concerns, I can’t recommend this product for people just getting started in niche marketing. Once you have experience, this may be a valuable addition to your library of niche marketing tips. However, it would be too easy to get lost in this much upfront information and never make real progress.

Pros of Niche Marketing Kit

  • The developers have lots of experience in niche marketing
  • Niche Marketing Kit offers lots of information

Cons of Niche Marketing Kit

  • There is an overwhelming amount of information for beginners
  • Live help is not included
  • Not a true training program

In Conclusion

While the amount of information provided is awesome, information overload is a definite possibility for beginners and newer marketers.

If you have some experience in niche marketing, the price for this package is incredible, whether or not you get in on the holiday price.

How to Purchase Niche Marketing Kit

If Niche Marketing Kit looks like something you want to have in your tool kit, just click the link below. It will take you to Niche Marketing Kit’s page. It’s a very simple process to make your purchase, and you can do that here.  If you have any questions, just let me know.

An Alternative to Niche Marketing Kit

If you’re ready to build your own niche marketing site, but like the idea of live help, one-on-one mentors, and 7 days to check things out at no cost, and no credit card required, take a look at my #1 recommendation. It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns and is the place where I have learned everything you see on this website.

Niche Marketing Kit









  • The developers have lots of experience in niche marketing
  • Niche Marketing Kit offers lots of information
  • Your purchase is backed by ClickBank


  • There is an overwhelming amount of information for beginners
  • Live help is not included
  • Not a true training program

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14 thoughts on “Niche Marketing Kit Review-is Niche Marketing Kit Any Good?”

  1. Boy oh boy. At first glance this website does look rewarding but when you factored in the information overload it got me a little nervous. I’m already having trouble trying to figure things out from a ground level aspect. The last thing I need is more confusing information. Thanks for the article. More people need to read this as well as do their research before they purchase a affiliate marketing program.

    • I agree with you that learning this material can be very confusing.  With WA, everything is set out in easy-to-follow step.  I can’t imagine being new, and having to figure it all out with all the information coming at you at once.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it.

  2. It is really a good review. I heard about niche marketing by somebody as a training tool that can make you earn a lot of money. I’m glad that I got to read your review on this marketing kit. 

    As you said, there is a lot of information available, but it is not a training platform. So, I can assume that the information is “how to” Information about using kits, right? And, there is no earning potential in it, it’s a bit surprising, then why should anyone opt for it. 

    I truly appreciate your time and efforts in writing this awesome review. It is very in-depth. 

    • Just like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it.  If the information in Niche Marketing Kit is used and acted on, I’m sure money can be made.  I just have no way of knowing how someone will use the material.  

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it.

  3. I must say you have given a very nice review on Niche Marketing Kit.  It’s very unbiased and I think it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.  In my own opinion, I think everyone should go for it, because the information provided is awesome.  Information overload is a definite possibility for beginners and newer marketers.  Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks for the kind words.  People who have experience with online marketing will probably find helpful material in the kit.  However, information overload can cause people to just quit.  That would be a real shame, since niche marketing is a great way to build a passive income.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it.

  4. Oh interesting. 

    When I first read the topic I thought that this kit would have provided several niche ideas in which you could partake in and then you can choose from the kit what is applicable to you and also do some training. But then I read that it’s not essentially a training kit which now raises some eyebrows. It sounds like one of those programs where the developer does everything for you and you pay some hidden fees somewhere. 

    I definitely agree with you that this wouldn’t be a program for those who are just starting out if that is the case. Even when I started Wealthy Affiliate, I was overwhelmed with the information but because everything was in step by step order and because you had community support, I was able to push through and learn a whole lot. 

    Needless to say, I will bookmark your page so that I can refer back to it in the future. I’ve gained some very good insight on other possible avenues I can take because of it. 

    • Your comment reminded me of one of the many ways WA spoils its members.  There is so much to learn, especially in the beginning.  With the wonderful training that offers everything in easy steps, it make the task of learning a new skill much easier.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  5. The Niche Marketing Kit really seems like a good deal, looking at what all it contains, it is very tempting but you made a great point: it can be very overwhelming and you can get lost in the huge amount of materials. I’ve been there. You just don’t know where to start and what to do next. What also caught my attention was the 150,000 articles ready to use. It seems great because you don’t have to write them on your own but if everyone uses them, then it’s duplicated and it hurts your ranking. 
    What is the price of this Niche Marketing Kit? On the sales page it says $497 but at you Niche Marketing Review it says $19,95. Or did I get it wrong, is the price of $19.95 for something else? Sorry to bother with my question, maybe I’ve just overseen something. 

  6. Hello Nancy, thank you for sharing Niche Marketing Kit Review. Niche Marketing Kit looks like the real deal.  However, it isn’t the best option especially for a beginner.  And, it’s also too expensive for my liking considering the fact that hosting and some other important stuff needed to set up the business are not included. However, I think I love the kit; it looks kinda suitable for people with some good level of experience in internet marketing.

    • Hi there,

      It was my pleasure sharing my findings on Niche Marketing Kit.  You picked up on the two things I’m most concerned with.  Most people who are new to internet marketing are very likely to become so confused with all the information coming at them all at once that they’ll just give up.  If that doesn’t stop them, having to figure out hosting and the other pieces needed to get online will certainly cause unnecessary aggravation.  Since it’s such a great way to earn passive income, it would be a real shame for them to give up before they even get started.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it.


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