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Have you ever battled to lose excess weight? Do you struggle to follow a healthy eating plan? Is someone you know facing a serious health crisis because of poor eating habits and too many pounds? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, and would enjoy creating long-term relationships with clients, Optavia may be a company worth exploring.

In this Optavia Review, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about Optavia-the MLM Division of Medifast before you place an order for your Health Coach Business Kit.

What is Optavia?

Optavia is the MLM division of the weight loss company Medifast. Originally known as Jason Pharmaceutical Inc., the company was founded in 1980 by Dr. William Vitale. He manufactured and distributed his very low calorie liquid weight loss products, under the brand name Medifast, to doctors and hospitals. They then prescribed Medifast to their patients.

Jason Pharmaceutical was sold to Vitamin Specialties in 1995. After more name changes, the Medifast subsidiary, Take Shape for Life, was renamed Optavia in 2017. Medifast, Inc. is a publicly traded company, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as MED. The corporate headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Medifast, Inc. is headed up by CEO Daniel R. Chard.

Is Optavia Worth The Price?Optavia Review

Optavia offers three different plans. The first two are designed for weight loss, and the third is a maintenance plan.

The weight loss plans:

  • 5&1
  • 4&2&1

The 5&1 allows for six meals per day. Five will be Optivia meals, the sixth will be a meal your client will prepare on their own from meats and vegetables purchased from the supermarket.

The 4&2&1 provides seven meals per day. Four will be Optavia meals, two will be meals your client prepares from their own meats and vegetables, and the seventh is an Optavia snack.

The maintenance plan:

  • 3&3

The 3&3 provides for three self-prepared meals and three Optavia snacks daily.

Each of the plans is available in kit form, meal planning simple for your clients. They’re delivered to their door with easy to follow instructions. Even the self-prepared meals, Optavia calls them Lean and Green meals, come with plenty of guidance. The plan also includes regular one-on-one contact with you, their personal coach.

Cost Breakdown for the Meal KitsOptavia Review

Keep in mind that the costs shown on the charts does not include the price for groceries needed to prepare Lean and Green meals.  As you can see, the prices range from $408.00 to 448.60.  You’ll also notice that neither of the weight loss plan kits cover a full 30 days.  The maintenance plan currently cost $333.00 per kit.

The 5&1 seems to include enough meals for about 24 days. The 4&2&1 appears to have enough for about 28 days.

If your client is a single person living alone, this still seems like a lot of money to spend before they ever walk into their local Kroger or Ralphs.

If they also have a family to feed in addition to their own meals, this becomes a really expensive program. I think the cost is just too high.


Optavia is designed as a personal Coach-to-Client program. It also utilizes the Habits of Health system created by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen. The goal is to teach your client healthy habits at the same time she’s losing weight.

The prepackaged meals and snacks can be ordered in kit form or individually. This makes Optavia an attractive option for people who want to lose weight, but don’t want to spend lots of time with meal preparation. The one-on-one coaching is an added incentive.

The Optavia Opportunity

Ordering your Health Coach Business Kit is the first step in joining this MLM. (See more about the kit below.) Lots of coaches began as Optavia customers, liked the program, and decided to share it with others. However, you can skip the customer stage and go right to setting up your own coaching business.

Once you’re on board, you have three primary ways to make money with Optavia. In addition, this MLM has two types of volume schedules which are used to compute your earned compensation. I will discuss this in more detail below.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Optavia?Optavia Review

The Health Coach Business Kit is yours for $199. In addition to the privilege of marketing Optavia, you’re going to receive a number of helpful items to get your business rolling.

This includes 12 months of free access to your own co-branded online Optavia store. Here’s the rundown:

Business Tools

  • New Coach Steps to Success
  • Coaching Guide for the Habits of Health Transformational System
  • Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® Client Introduction Guide (pack of 10)

Plan Information

  • Optavia Fuelings and Product Cards
  • Optavia Guide
  • Optimal Weight 4-2-1 Plan® Guide
  • Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan® Brochure

Business Accessories

  • An Optavia business box that can become an open desktop organizer and filing system.
  • Optavia Pen Set includes 4 pens with printed Optavia inspiration quotes
  • Optavia Journal
  • Optavia Coach Bottle
  • Optavia Pop Socket for your phone
  • Optavia Notecard Set (pack of 10)
  • Optavia Slinky Notepad
  • Optavia Tech Decals for your electronic devices

Free Access to:Your own personalized Optavia website for 12 months

  • Your own Back Office for 12 months
  • Standard subscription to the Healthy Habits e-Newsletter service for 3 months
  • Automated virtual support training videos delivered electronically to your inbox
  • Locked in registration pricing for new Optavia Coaches for the 2020 Optavia Convention

Can You Make a Living with Optavia?

Once you purchase your kit, you’re in business for yourself. How much money depends on two things:

  • Optavia’s three primary earning opportunities
  • Compensation volume and Qualifying volume

Three Primary Earning OpportunitiesOptavia Review

Opportunity 1

Client Acquisition and Support through coaching competency.

  • Client Support Commissions
  • Certification Bonus
  • Client Support Bonuses
  • Coach Consistency Bonuses
  • Client Acquisition Bonuses

Opportunity 2

Coach Sponsoring and Team Building-Business Coach Competency

  • Assist Bonus
  • Team Growth Bonuses
  • Fully Integrated Business Coach Bonus

Opportunity 3

Leadership Development

  • Executive Director Generation Bonuses
  • Elite Leadership Bonuses

This plan is designed to reward mastery, certification and continuing education. After all, the more you know, the better able you’ll be at coaching your clients and the coaches you bring onto your team.

Compensation Volume (CV)

This number is computed from 0% to 100% of the product price. All commissions and bonuses are paid on compensation volume. All of the CV for a client is added to create Personal Compensation Volume, or PCV. All of the PCV for your personally sponsored, or level 1 clients and coaches is added to create your Frontline Compensation Volume, FCV.

Qualifying Volume (QV)

This is the amount assigned to an item to determine rank and bonus qualification. All of the QV for a client’s order is added to create Personal Qualifying Volume, or PQV.

Client Support Commissions and Bonuses

You will earn 15% commission on orders placed by your personally sponsored and supported clients.

There is also a reward for continuing education and becoming a Certified Coach. This will make you eligible for an additional 3% bonus paid on your FCV.

Optavia Review

Coach Consistency Bonuses

If you’ve become a Certified coach, you have access to the Coach Consistency Bonus. Here’s how it’s figured:

  • Certified coach who generates a minimum of 2,000 in Frontline Qualifying Volume for 3 consecutive months: $250 bonus
  • Certified coach who generates an average of 4,000 in Frontline Qualifying Volume for 3 consecutive months: $500 bonus
  • Certified coach who generates an average of 6,000 in Frontline Qualifying Volume for 3 consecutive months: $1,000 bonus

Coach Sponsoring and Team Building

You must build and mentor Coach Teams to maximize your earning opportunity.

Advanced Team Building and Leadership Development

This is where the serious compensation happens. The chart below shows the six generations of depth that an Integrated Presidential Director is eligible to receive earnings.

Optavia Review

Pros and Cons of Optavia


  • You’ll be representing a company that’s been in business since 1980.
  • You’ll be selling products that make weight loss easier for the target client.
  • You’ll be offering counseling that has been shown to improve weight loss efforts.


  • This is a very low calorie plan. As such, it can be dangerous for individuals with certain health issues.
  • There are other weight loss plans available that provide counseling options and cost considerably less.
  • You don’t own the business and are working for someone else.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a people person, helping individuals become healthier by losing weight and learning how to keep it off is a rewarding goal. However, consuming foods that are highly processed, as Optavia’s prepackaged meals and snacks are, just isn’t very healthy. There are also a number of other plans available that are based on eating healthy, unprocessed choices. This in itself is helping people change eating patterns and lifestyle choices.

If you’re considering this as a full-time money making option, take a closer look. Even Optavia warns that they make no guarantee of financial success. That’s true of any opportunity. However, much of real earning potential here rests on building an empire of coaches working under you.

Do you really want to base your future on the work ethics of people you have little or no control over? Take a look at the Optavia Income Disclosure Statement. You’ll see that a full 30% of their coaches have no earnings! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a go-getter. But, 30% of the folks in your recruiting pool aren’t. They probably have good reasons, but whatever they are, these folks never get started. I’ll let you draw your own inferences from the rest of the chart below.

Optavia Review

An Alternative to Optavia

If you’re putting in this much time and energy, why not build something that you own? Something that will let you choose exactly which products you’re going to sell, or services you want to offer. Something that you can build from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you and your family decide you want to be.

Starting your own online business will allow you to chart your own future without depending on someone else’s future goals.

Dream Big!

If the health coaching route looks like a good fit for you, why not go big?

Here’s one idea!

Become a wellness coach through a program like the one offered by the Mayo Clinic! It will prepare you to work with clients and enable you to design a business that meets all of your goals and expectations.  You get to decide if or when you need more training.  And you won’t have to depend on the output of anyone but yourself!

To get your wheels turning, I’ve included a short video from the Mayo Clinic below.


For more ideas on how to turn this dream into a reality, check out my #1 recommendation for building an online business. It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns and is the place where I have learned everything you see on this website.

You’ll find everything there you need to be an amazing success!

Optavia-the MLM Division Medifast









  • You’ll be representing a company that’s been in business since 1980.
  • You’ll be selling products that make weight loss easier for the target client.
  • You’ll be offering counseling that has been shown to improve weight loss efforts.


  • This is a very low calorie plan. As such, it can be dangerous for individuals with certain health issues.
  • There are other weight loss plans available that provide counseling options and cost considerably less.
  • You don't own the business and are working for someone else.

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