Perfect China MLM Review – Profits Restricted by Country

Selling products to friends and family can be an easy way to make some extra money. You don’t have to think about what products to sell. The products and sales pitches are already set up. You only need to sign up and start selling. Then you bank the profits. Easy money, right? With Perfect China, you’d be selling a select number of products in a few different categories. In this Perfect China MLM review, I’ll check out this offer to see if you can make some money here.

What is Perfect China MLM?

Perfect China is a multi-level marketing company that was founded in 1994 by Koo Yuen Kim. Their headquarters are in China. In the past, China would not allow MLM companies to operate there. Likewise with any company that appeared to have a pyramid scheme business model. MLM companies can now operate in China provided the business model focuses on selling products and not recruitment. There are also clear laws around compensation and commissions.

The company product line consists of skin care, healthcare, household products and health food products. There’s been a steady decline in revenue over the last five years. Revenue reported in 2015 was $3,580 million. In 2019 that number dropped to $1,900 million. But if you compare these numbers to other MLM reviews here, you’ll find that this company is still doing quite well.

Perfect China has received a number of certifications and awards. Starting in January 2003, they received the HACCP Food Safety Certification, GMPC Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice Certification, and Quality Management System Certification among others.

Are Perfect China Products Worth Their Price?

Perfect China’s product line includes personal care, healthcare, skin care and health food products. There are a select number of products available in each category. The products on the website are not very well organized as you can see below.

Perfect China MLM Review - Products

You can see by the image above that there’s hand sanitizer, stainless steel cleaner and hair products all listed on the same page. Like I said, not very well organized.

I took a look at a sample product. The Aloe Vera Nourishing Shampoo (lower left corner of the image) is listed as $69 yuan which converts to £7.85 British Pounds Sterling. It comes in a 500 ml bottle so the price isn’t all that bad.

Perfect China MLM Review - Shampoo

The above product I found on the Amazon UK site. Same size bottle at twice the price. So the Perfect China prices could be a good deal for customers if they were more widely available.

The Perfect China MLM Opportunity

According to my research, this opportunity is not available in the United States. It’s only available in the United Kingdom and China. The products are quite unique and would be hard to find outside of these two countries. You won’t find them on sites like Amazon or eBay. The only way to get them is through a distributor. Good news if you’re a distributor in the UK or China. There’s a Facebook page for the company but it hasn’t been updated since 2012.

Putting that aside, as a distributor you would sell these products to customers. The product catalog is pretty limited so it could be difficult.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Perfect China?

Unfortunately, there’s no information on how much it costs to join Perfect China. You may or may not have to buy a starter kit. But here’s what usually happens with MLMs in general. You would normally have to buy a starter kit that can range anywhere from $35 to $1,000 or more.

There’s usually hidden costs as well such as general business expenses. Travel expenses, phone calls, meetings, and training new recruits are all expenses that are not reimbursable, generally. MLMs don’t tend to mention expenses they don’t pay for.

Can You Make Money with Perfect China?

As stated earlier, these are pretty unique products and are only available in the United Kingdom and China. If you happen to live in either of those places, you may have an opportunity to sign up as a distributor.

You would normally be expected to recruit other people to join your team. When your team makes sales you share in those profits. From there, you can move up the ladder. The amount of money you make will be dependent on your sales volume and the size of your team.


Flexible Schedule

One of the selling points of selling products for a company like Perfect China is that you can work on your business when you have free time. The more time you can devote to selling products, the more money you can make.

No Inventory

You won’t have to maintain an inventory of products. You usually have to either sell the products you order or consume them yourself.


No Base Pay

Since this is a multi-level marketing opportunity, you have to be aware of the fact that you won’t have a base pay. The only money you will make are on product sales and a portion of the sales from your team.

Limited Products in Limited Locations

There’s only a very few select products available in each category so these products may be difficult to sell. These products are only available in the United Kingdom and China.

Is Perfect China MLM a Scam?

Perfect China is an MLM that makes its money by having distributors sell products. It’s not a scam. In fact, because the headquarters are in China, they are heavily regulated and exist because they adhere to Chinese laws around MLMs and pyramid schemes. Perfect China is not a pyramid scheme either. But due to the limited range of products, it would be quite difficult to make money with these products.

Final Thoughts

Working as a distributor for an MLM means that you will put in a lot of time and energy before you make any money with the products. To make any decent money, you’d have to work a lot of hours and recruit people. Then you have to spend time training your recruits to sell the products. If they don’t sell products, you won’t earn any extra money for your efforts. Not to mention, people that don’t make money don’t usually stick around so that’s time you wasted.

Having your own business is an exciting endeavor. You can set your own schedule and work when you want. If starting your own business is a goal for you, check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create a thriving business. You’ll get excellent training, a website, hosting, 24/7 support and a whole host of awesome tools.

Perfect China MLM









  • Flexible Schedule
  • No Inventory


  • No Base Pay
  • Limited Products in Limited Locations
  • Low Quality Products

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