Proofreading Academy Review – Is Proofreading Academy Any Good for Teachers?

Are you a teacher interested in making an online income with proofreading? In this Proofreading Academy Review, I will walk you through everything you need to know before signing up for the Proofreading Academy Becoming a Proofreader course.

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What is Proofreading?

This quick little video from the Library & Learning Services at the University of Surrey gives a nice overview. Plus, the narrator is delightful to listen to with her wonderful accent and charming voice. You may find yourself clicking replay just to listen to her one more time!

Video from University of Surrey, England

What Exactly is Proofreading Academy?

Proofreading Academy is an online school offering differentiated courses in proofreading. It was begun in 2017 by its parent company, Proofed Inc. Proofed is a privately held proofreading and editing company founded in 2010.

The goal of Proofreading Academy is to train highly qualified proofreaders focusing on business, academic and creative texts. Students who pass the rigorous course are offered freelance employment at Proofed Inc.

Who is Proofreading Academy for?

Proofreading Academy is for individuals with an eye for detail and an excellent grasp of the English language. If you like the idea of proofing documents for clients from America, Australia and Britain, this may be a company worth your attention.

Why Train with Proofreading Academy?

If you’re a teacher struggling to make ends meet, Proofreading Academy can help you:

  • Greet the end of the month relaxed, because you’ve met your expenses and have money to spare.
  • Forget about commutes as you kick back in the comfort of your home, or anywhere else you choose while you proof and edit copy.
  • Enjoy the sense of knowing what you’re doing is valuable and makes a positive impact on the lives of your clients

Proofreading Academy gets high marks from its students. Take a look at the ratings from Trust Pilot on November 19, 2019

Proofreading Academy Review-Is Proofreading Academy Any Good for Teachers?

Some of the student comments responsible for the 83% Excellent rating include:

  • “An excellent, professional and supportive company.”
  • “Strong support team available…”
  • “Tech issues were always resolved within a short space of time.”
  • “I found the course to be…engaging and interesting.”
  • “A very informative program.”

Here are a few screenshot of individual reviews for the Proofreading Academy.

Proofreading Academy Reviews

Proofreading Academy Reviews

My Review of Proofreading Academy

Proofreading Academy has a very simple sign up process. It’s as simple as click their Buy Now button on their website. You’ll also see the Try For Free link.

The page is laid out nicely, but I felt it didn’t offer sufficient information. They give you one paragraph describing the course, include a Guaranteed Work banner, and the Buy Now button.

It took a fair amount of digging through the site to find the page that outlines each of the modules, so be prepared to invest a bit of time doing that.

Since this is an online course, you’ll need:

  • Access to the internet
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Microsoft Word, the 2016 version or newer

The Microsoft Word is not negotiable. The main focus with Proofreading Academy is the guarantee that if you score an 80% or higher on the final exam, you’ll be welcome to go to work for Proofed. Since Microsoft Word is the software used by Proofed, that’s the one you’ll be trained on.

While I do have some concerns about the program and the training platform, the course at Proofreading Academy seems to be good value for the time and money you’re going to invest.

So What are the Concerns?

Having the job guarantee seems great, but is it? One student commented that this course was heavy in learning academic writing and citation formats, whether or not you’re interested in this type of proofing.

If you go to work for Proofed, you can choose what to proof, but you’ve still spent time and money to learn material that you weren’t interested in.

According to the company’s reply to this student, academic documents is responsible for the lion’s share of the proofreading income at Proofed.

But, What If You Don’t Want to Work for Proofed?

What if you want to start your own service? Unless you’ve already set up businesses in the past, there is no information in this Proofreading Academy course to guide you.  I’ve written Proofread Anywhere Review about a company that teaches you how to find clients for your own proofreading service.  My article on 3 Ways to Make Money Proofreading may also be helpful.

I mentioned earlier the Try For Free link. It will give you the opportunity to sign up for a free trial course. This sample lesson covers two categories that are important for proofreaders:

  • Hyphens, Em Dashes, and En Dashes
  • Ellipses, Parentheses, and Lists

What's Better Than Proofreading Academy?

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My Experience

The lesson was quite complete. Even though I taught English at the Middle School level for a number of years, I learned a couple of things I’m not sure I knew before.

Although the lesson was complete, I have some reservations about taking a whole course using their format.

The sample used small blocks of information followed by opportunities to practice the newly taught material. It struck me as outdated technology. It was functional, but boring.

Maybe after working with my students on interactive formats like Duolingo and Senor Wooly, I’m a bit too critical. However, you should know that working through this course may take heroic efforts to maintain a proper level of attention.

If you use any sort of interactive lessons with your students, I think it’s likely you’ll have a similar reaction.

How you earn money from Proofreading Academy Proofreading Computer

Earning money after taking this course seems pretty straightforward. If you complete the training, and pass with a score of at least 80%, you can go to work for Proofed.

There are reviews on Trust Pilot from students who did just that.

What I can’t report on is how many assignments you can expect to receive. Since it’s a freelance position, your income will be based on the number of words you read.

It looks like you can expect to get up to about $1300 per month once you’re experienced and have increased your proofing speed. But, since that takes place at the parent company, there is very little information available online.

What if you want to earn more?

If you want to be able to earn more, there are two questions I would be sure to ask before moving forward with this course:

  1. Are the individuals I proof for my clients, or do they remain clients of Proofed?
  2. Am I allowed to freelance for other companies while employed with Proofed?

If you have any questions regarding the program and how it can meet your specific needs, be sure to ask before you make a final decision. As an alternative, you can start your own website and attract your own proofreading clients.  Want to learn how to do this? Have a look at Wealthy Affiliate where they provide you all the tools to do this.

Pros of Proofreading Academy

  • Pro 1 – A very informative program
  • Pro 2 – An excellent, professional and supportive company.
  • Pro 3 – Strong support team available

Cons of Proofreading Academy

  • Con 1 – Lessons delivered with outdated technology
  • Con 2 – Lessons have potential to be boring
  • Con 3 – Maintaining a steady stream of proofreaders for Proofed seems to be the main focus of this course

Final Thoughts

If your goal is a part-time income, Proofreading Academy has a lot going for them:

  • Guaranteed job after successfully completing the course. (80% or higher final score with two retakes possible.)
  • Possible to complete the course in one month.
  • Course remains valid for 12 months and extensions are available. (If you already know you’ll need more than 12 months to complete the course, discuss that when you register.)

An Alternative to Proofreading Academy

This is a really good product, but if you’re putting in this much time and energy, why not build something that you own?

  • Something that will let you choose exactly how and where you want to work.
  • Something that you can build from the comfort or your own home, or anywhere else you and your family decide to be.
  • No need to work for someone else.

Starting your own online business, whether it’s a blog or website, will allow you to chart your own future without the need to pin your hopes and income on other people’s commitment to the business.


Check out my #1 recommendation for building an online businessThey provide wonderful hosting, amazing tools, and teach you everything you’ll need to know.  

Here’s a small sample of the over 100 things I’ve learned so far:

  • A fast, easy way to build a website.
  • How to use WordPress.
  • What keywords are and how to choose the best.
  • How to write posts people will want to read.
  • How to use social media to your best advantage.
  • Why being indexed by Google is important, and how to make it happen.

You’ll also find a warm, lovely community of like-minded individuals who understand your dream, and want to see you succeed.  You are never alone in your journey, with access to live mentoring and a superior site support department.   

It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns and is the place where I have learned everything you see on this website.  You’ll find everything there you need to start your own proofreading service!

You’ll be joining over one million helpful folks there, many of them current and former teachers, like me.

Best of all, you can check it out for yourself at no cost or obligation.  Why wait any longer to turn that dream of yours into a reality?

What's Better Than Proofreading Academy?

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Proofreading Academy









  • A very informative program
  • An excellent, professional and supportive company.
  • Strong support team available


  • Lessons delivered with outdated technology
  • Lessons have potential to be boring
  • Maintaining a steady stream of proofreaders for Proofed seems to be the main focus of this course

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8 thoughts on “Proofreading Academy Review – Is Proofreading Academy Any Good for Teachers?”

  1. Interesting to find out about the Proof Reading Academy. I do proofreading in my own way, as I have to go over documents and creative prose in a a lot of my work. I always thought that this skill was just developed after years of practice. I am not sure I would do this course with outdated technology and semi-boring lessons. I guess I’ll just plod along proof reading my way. Thanks for the review.

    • I’m glad you found the review interesting.  In their favor, the course is designed to be appealing to American, Australian and British students.  I’m sure there are big differences.  It does seem to be a good course, but if your way is working, it probably isn’t necessary to “fix” it.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. Hello, this looks like a business that I will be very interested in looking at the fact that I am a teacher in English and I understand it very well. This will open a very good work from home avenue for me. I didn’t seem to see where you wrote the price to join the platform. I would really like to try what you offer. Thanks a lot for sharing with me. I would await your reply before taking the next step.

    • I went back and added an additional link for you to use.  This company does look like a good option for teachers.  Especially an English teacher!  After you take a closer look, I’d love to hear what you think.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  3. Oh, this is a very interesting post that you have written here. I like this platform. It is the first time I have heard about it. I think that Proofreading Academy sounds pretty good, and I will very much like to give it a try. To some extent, I understand English, so it will be pretty easy for me. The requirements to join are very simple. I would give it a try.

    • I’m glad to be able to introduce you to Proofreading Academy.  If you have a good understanding of English grammar, this may be a great choice for you.  

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  4. Hello Nancy!

    In my opinion, working in Proofreading can be very helpful since there is a lot of written content like brochures, books, different kinds of papers etc. that may need corrections. Regardless of how carefully we do our written work, errors may occur at any time, even to academic employees – and if we cannot focus enough on correcting, a proofreader may be warmly welcome!

    If sometimes the course feels like boring, thinking of its final outcome (helping others with having good-standing writings, while also earning generously) may attenuate this feeling. The guaranteed employment rate after finishing the Academy course is encouraging too. But of course, all this applies to people who are willing to read lots of stuff!

    By the way, nice post about how you escaped the classroom :).

    Have good luck, whatever you choose to do!


    • Hey Peter,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article.  I agree with you completely.  Keeping the end result in mind is the best way to get through any program.  This one does look very good, so you’ve given some excellent advice.  Boring isn’t always bad.  In this case, it can lead to a career that is very rewarding.

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!




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