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Are you wondering what in the world scoping is? The first time I saw it, I had no idea what it was about. What I’ve discovered is that scoping is one of the best kept career secrets out there. Who knew you could build your own business in the legal field without years of college, or having to pass the state bar?

If you’re thinking you’d like to build your own business, work on your own terms, take a look at my Scoping (Review of Internet Scoping School). Let’s see if this might be your ticket to a fabulous new you.

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An Overview

Company Name: Internet Scoping School

Website URL:

Years In Business: Linda Evenson, the founder of Internet Scoping School, started teaching scoping in 1999.

Product Effectiveness: The company has been in business for 20 years with an ever-improving program.

Support: Linda Evenson: Instructor and Administrator and Cathy McElderry: Bookkeeper

Price: $2500 to $3000, depending on the payment plan you choose.

My Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10

If you took a look at transcript proofreading at Proofread Anywhere, but want something more technical, scoping may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Is Scoping?

Once a court reporter has taken down the last word in a legal proceeding, there’s still work to be done. Since court reporters are taking down every spoken word on a steno machine, and doing it in excess of 180 words per minute, errors can happen. The final documents must be perfect, since imperfect documents can impact the results of a trial.

Scopists listen to audio recordings, and check them against the written transcripts of court and deposition transcripts that they’ve downloaded to their computer. They look for any inconsistencies.

Misunderstood words, mistranslated words, even complete gaps may need to be caught by the scopist. Once all problems have been identified, the scopist sends the transcript back to the court reporter for final corrections.

Besides recognizing English punctuation and grammar errors, the scopist also needs to understand transcript formatting and know how to read and translate steno into English.

What Do Scopists Do?

Scopists allow court reporters to take on more assignments, and still deliver excellent, on-time transcripts. They do this by finding all the errors and potential problems. This allows the court reporter to deliver high-quality transcripts. It also gives the court reporter plenty of reason to create a permanent relationship with the scopist that makes their life so much easier.

This article confirms the dwindling number of court reporters, which means the need for scopists is going to continue to rise. Court reporters are going to need good scopists more than ever to meet the growing demand of court cases.

Who Would Scoping Appeal To?

As you might expect, this job is not for everyone. It’s not for someone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not for someone unwilling to treat it like a business.

So who would make a successful scopist?

If you can answer yes to the following, you should take a close look at scoping:

  • Do you have excellent English grammar and punctuation skills?
  • Are you responsible and dependable? (You are likely to have rush jobs that must be completed and returned on time.)
  • Can you handle the potentially disturbing information that could be a part of the transcript you’re proofing?

If you love the idea of a highly technical job that will likely never experience a glut of practitioners, keep reading!

Do I Need Training?

Scoping is not a job you can fake your way through. You must know what you’re doing from the very beginning, or court reporters will strike you from their scopists call list. They will never send another transcript your way, or refer you on to other reporters.

Why Do I Need Internet Scoping School?

In a word, it’s the best. You get in-depth theory and world-class hands-on training. When you complete your training, you are thoroughly prepared.

Here are a few of the features that make ISS worthy of your time and money:

  • It was the first, and continues to be the best online scoping course
  • Unlimited lifetime access and support ensures that ISS students have a higher rate of success
  • Students become a part of a strong, supportive community
  • Scopist-specific software training that prepares you like no one else
  • You are taught how to get clients and run your scoping business
  • You work at your own pace on your own schedule

Why Is Linda Evenson Qualified To Teach Scoping?

Linda has an impressive history in scoping. She has been a scoptist for over 40 years, and has been teaching the trade to others for 20 years.

She has been an active member of the National Court Reporters Association. As a result, Linda has been instrumental in promoting the scopist profession, has written and edited articles pertaining to scoping, and has spoken at state and national conventions. She is a well-known, well-respected leader in the court reporting and scoping communities.

Her superb credentials are the markers of an individual who is highly qualified to prepare you for your scoping career.

What Do Graduates of the Program Say?

Linda’s graduates have impressive things to say about her and the training they received at ISS. They speak of the program as being “fantastic,” and a “life saver.” One grad noted that Linda has been “diligent in marketing” graduates and finding court reporters who are in need of scoptists.

You can read those testimonials here!

Besides the great comments from graduates, professionals in the field sing the praises of ISS too. You can read those recommendations here.

What If I Need Help?

You are in good hands at ISS. There is a strong community of current students and graduates available to help, as well as Linda.

Can I Earn a Full-Time Income As a Scopist?

OK. This question always requires a little disclaimer. Actually, it requires an if test. What’s an if test? I’ll show you.


  • You have excellent English usage skills
  • You take full advantage of the training
  • You are a hard-working, motivated self-starter
  • You treat your business like a business

If this is you, then you can be a part of an elite group of individuals who, on average, earn $30,000 to $50,000 annually. You won’t earn this in the beginning. It will take you time to build up to this.

However, you also have the potential to exceed the average annual salary. According to Linda, really great scopists can earn up to $6,000 per month if they carry a heavy workload. Don’t bother with the calculator; that’s $72,000 a year.

With skills that allow you to compete in this high-demand industry, you can work at home, or anywhere else you choose. With a laptop, an internet connection, and email, you are in control of your destiny.


There are a number of tuition payment options available. You can opt to pay the entire course in full at the beginning of your program. It’s also possible to make equal monthly payments and pay them in increments over a period of three months, five months, eight months, or twelve months.

With these options, the full payment will run between $2500 and $3000.

You can also take advantage of the pay-as-you-go method. The pricing for that option is as follows:

  • Advanced Punctuation – $500
  • Note Reading – $500
  • Medical Terminology – $400
  • Software Training – $500
  • Transcript Production – $400
  • Practice Files – $500
  • The Successful Professional Scopist – $400

You may also choose to take the Scoping Fundamentals course for $197. This lets you go even deeper into exploring the scoping field. If you decide to continue with it, the $197 is deducted from your other fees.

If you don’t continue on, there is no further obligation.

Once you get going in the course, you will also need to purchase texts and scopist-specific software. Do not let these one-time fees deter you! After all, if you’re a teacher, research says you’ve been plunking down anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred dollars each year for supplies.

These purchases can include things like pencils and paper for students and special lesson plans purchased from companies like Teachers Pay Teachers. They make your life easier, but they are expenses.

The texts and software are true investments in you and your family.

Wrapping It Up

If you like what you’ve read so far, but would like to get a better feel for scoping, you’re in luck.   You can read more about ISS here.  They also offer a free intro course. With no obligation, you’ll get to do a little “tire kicking” before you make a final decision. Then, if you need a little more information, sign up for the Scoping Fundamentals course I mentioned above.

Either way, you’ll get to confirm what I’ve told you about Linda and ISS. It’s a win/win situation.

Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

If scoping sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, please take a couple of minutes and let me know. I’ve spent time getting to know this program, and feel confident you’ll be in good hands at ISS.

If ISS sounds great, but scoping just isn’t for you, take a few minutes and check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s also a great way to get something of your own going with minimal initial investment.

What ever you decide, take a minute and tell us about it. You never know when your discovery might help another teacher discover a life-changing idea!

I may benefit from a qualified purchase.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with friends and colleagues.

Internet Scoping School

$2500 - $3000








  • First, and continues to be the best online scoping course
  • Unlimited lifetime access and support
  • You are taught how to get clients and run your scoping business


  • You must be a hard worker
  • You must be self-motivated
  • You must treat your business like a business

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  1. I actually always wondered how transcripts were so accurate and I always believed merely a really fast typist was just there recording the transcript, but of course, it would be rather tough to keep something like that error-free. I can definitely see where scoping comes into play. It seems like a job for those who are masters of the English language and grammar skills, something I’m decent in but must admit not overly proficient. However, with the provided training, they can definitely be brought up to par. 

    • You really do have to come into this training with good English skills.  And, you’re right.  International Scoping School does provide excellent training.  After researching them, I’m convinced this program will deliver on it’s promises, and more!  

      With the shrinking number of court reporters in this country, the demand for well-trained scopists is only going to increase.  Talk about job security.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

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