TranscribeAnywhere Review-Is TranscribeAnywhere Any Good?

If you’re a teacher and reading this, I’m betting one of three things is continuously double-timing through your mind.

  1. Your teaching job is driving you crazy.
  2. Your teaching salary just isn’t stretching as far as it needs to.
  3. You’re a retired teacher and need to supplement your pension.

Take a look at transcription training! Transcription Training? Yes, TranscribeAnywhere Is A Great Choice.  It’s a great option that doesn’t require years of training, and you can work wherever you have an internet connection!



TranscribeAnywhere, The Basics

Company Name: TranscribeAnywhere

Website URL:

Years In Business: About 10 years

Product Effectiveness: Not only does this program give you the training you need to develop your skills to a top-notch level, it supplies the training you need to start and run your own transcription business.

Support: The course promises life-time access to the Facebook student support community. You also have contact with the program founder and owner, Janet Shaughnessy.

Price: General Transcription: $597. Legal Transcription: $697.

My Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10. This is the only transcription school recognized by AAERT, The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. You can read more about this organization here. In addition, the courses were created by someone who not only has years of experience in the industry, but has successfully run her own company as well.


TranscribeAnywhere is a complete course designed to teach you how to build your own transcription business. There are two options available to you.

The first is the General Transcription: Theory & Practice multimedia online course. The second option is the Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice course.

If you check the site, and you should, you’ll see that both courses include:

  • A self-paced course that utilizes multimedia
  • Video tutorials, worksheets, and printable PDF cheat sheets
  • Tons of practice that will give you the confidence that comes from knowing you’ve been well-prepared

The General Transcription Course

As you would expect, this course provides you with theory, and then it does what others don’t do. It gives you lots of practice to help turn newly learned theory into marketable skills. The course is presented to you in six modules that build on previously learned material.

The overview of the course syllabus includes:

Module 1

  • A complete picture of what transcription is and is not.

Module 2

  • Building on the skills you learn in Module 1, Module 2 will focus on punctuation, spelling and critical thinking skills.

Module 3

  • This module focuses on resources available to help you gain speed and efficiency.

Module 4

  • Time for practice on real-world audio and video dictations. The seven levels build from easy dictation to more challenging assignments.

Module 5

  • Time to begin setting up your own transcription business, discovering where to find freelance work, and discover lots of resources for work with larger transcription companies

Module 6

  • Take your final exam, demonstrate proficiency in the material covered in the course, and receive your Certificate of Completion.

How Long Will This Take?

Depending on the time you have to put into your training, this self-paced course should take from two to four months from beginning to completion.

The Legal Transcription Course

This course provides theory and practice in 14 modules. Each module builds on the lessons learned in previous modules.

The overview of the course syllabus includes:

Module 1

  • Introduction and overview of legal transcription

Module 2

  • The software and hardware needed, and where to find the best equipment for the best price

Module 3

  • English and Latin legal terminology, spelling, punctuation and capitalization, numbers, and abbreviations

Module 4

  • Training in Microsoft Word and how to use it for legal transcription

Module 5

  • Legal documents

Module 6

  • Legal processes and court procedures

Module 7

  • Forms used in judicial proceedings

Module 8

  • Practice transcribing court proceedings from audio files

Module 9

  • Depositions

Module 10

  • Law Enforcement transcription

Module 11

  • Transcription for conferences and legal association meetings

Module 12

  • Time coding for legal transcriptionists

Module 13

  • Receive links to a variety of valuable resources
  • Take your Final Exam

Module 14

  • Everything you need to successfully market your business, including:
    • Service essentials
    • Business plans
    • Building a website
    • Social media
    • Materials to get your business up and running

How Long Will This Take?

As with the General Transcription course, this depends on the time you have to put into your training. This self-paced course should take from two to four months from beginning to completion.

Added Bonus

Want just a little more information before you decide? Take advantage of the Free Mini-Course Janet has created.

The General Transcription version. This consists of seven lessons, delivered by email, over a period of seven days. It will cover:

  • What makes an excellent transcriptionist
  • Current demand
  • Where the jobs are

You’ll find out who is suited for this industry and who isn’t, and the foundations of transcription.

The Legal Transcription version.  You can find this Free Mini-Course here.  This consists of four lessons, delivered by email, over a four-day period. It will cover:

  • A description of legal transcription
  • The demand for legal transcriptionists
  • Where the jobs are
  • What it takes to do the job
  • Earning expectations

Keep in mind that this mini-course is not a sneak peek into the full course. It’s an over-view of the industry. There is no obligation to go any further once you complete the mini-course training.

Career Outlook

If you check the outlook for this career, you’ll see some talk about voice recognition software. However, there are many folks that will continue to utilize transcriptionists. Here are three reasons I think transcriptionists will be needed for a long time to come:

  • Voice recognition software types the words, but is far from perfect in hearing the correct word.
  • Much like their, there, and they’re, voice recognition will need input from a human for some time to come.
  • Subtitles for movies and transcripts for YouTube videos will continue to be in demand.

A variety of business owners may utilize voice activated software, but are far too busy to spend time to whip those words into shape. Additionally, the track record for predicting future career opportunities isn’t very good.

We don’t know what the next invention or need will be. Industries that have been predicted to fade away have morphed into unexpected and profitable new directions.

I agree with others who believe the outlook for transcriptionists will be good for many years to come. But, don’t make a decision based on my opinion alone. Check it out for yourself and then decide if this is a good option for you.

Earning Potential

Keep in mind that lots of things determine this, including how much work you put into your business. According to the FAQS at the site:

  • currently, the average median annual income for a general transcriptionist is $45,000
  • legal transcriptionists can earn around $60,000 annually

Why Is Janet Shaughnessy Qualified To Teach This Course?

Janet is the owner of Zoom Transcription Services. After training each of the transcriptionists hired for her company, she took everything she used in her one-on-one trainings, and turned it into Now, you can have access to the same material that was once only available to Zoom Transcription Services employees.

According to Janet’s conversation with Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere, Janet began her career using shorthand and typewriters. Recorded audio and computers changed the office scene, but not the quality of work Janet provided.

As you’ll see, life threw Janet a curve ball, and her transcription skills lead the way to a completely new way of life. Combining her years of experience in the field of transcription with knowledge gained in running her own successful transcription service, Janet is more than qualified to instruct others. She understands what it takes to meet the expectations of transcription clients, as well as the skills necessary to secure those clients and turn them into repeat customers.


The prices listed below also include lifetime access to the courses, as well as all updates as they are added.

General Transcription Course: $597

Legal Transcription Course: $697

Special options to help you get started:

  • You can choose the pay-as-you-go plan
  • You can choose to sign up for both courses for $1097. That’s a savings of $197.

An Alternative

If you’re serious about finding a new way to supplement your income, or maybe replace it completely, take a look at my #1 recommendation for escaping the classroom.  It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns. It’s the place where I have learned everything you see on this website.

You’ll be joining over one million helpful folks there, many of them current and former teachers!


$597 - $697








  • A self-paced course that utilizes multimedia
  • Learn with video tutorials, worksheets, and printable PDF cheat sheets
  • Tons of practice for thorough preparation


  • You must be a self-starter
  • Your effort determines your income
  • You must treat your business as a business

Learn How to Make Money by Proofreading Content

4 thoughts on “TranscribeAnywhere Review-Is TranscribeAnywhere Any Good?”

  1. I have been looking for an alternative to my current job situation and I have never thought of looking at the transcribing process.  This is a wonderful tip, thank you so much. I will have a look at the courses available and I wonder maybe even my son, that has a college degree and currently is not working, might find the whole idea very interesting.   It’s different from the other ideas that we can normally find online.

    • Transcription training is definitely different and interesting.  Compared to college, with a very small investment, you can have your own business up and running in a very short period of time.   

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. I have never heard of such a course, sorry but I left teaching 50 years ago and my path has been set; this is a new opportunity for young teachers.  I have met several who left or are about to quit because of no discipline issues. I viewed the website; looks impressive. Good luck, I am sure with the right exposure, there will be many successes.

    • Current research shows that between 44% and 50% of new teachers leave teaching within the first five years.  I agree with you that TranscribeAnywhere looks impressive.  I believe this is an excellent option for men and women who want to replace their teaching positions with a solid opportunity to grow and flourish.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!  


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