What is a Keyword Tool for? (Jaaxy Knows)

Good keywords are your keys to the kingdom

If you’ve given any thought to starting your own online business, you need to know about keywords. If you plan to attract readers to your site, finding the right keywords will be one of your most important tasks. What is a Keyword for? (Jaaxy Knows) will show you the keyword ropes, and give you a boost to get your keyword research going.

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What is a keyword?

If you search for information on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, you’ve used a keyword. It’s the word, or a small group of words, that give the search engine a clear idea of exactly what it is you are looking for. If your search doesn’t give you what you had in mind, you probably go back and type in a slightly different word or combination of words.

The more specific your combination of words, the more likely you are of getting the information you want.

A Recap

The single word you use in your search is known as the keyword.

The three or four-word combination, or phrase, is referred to as the long tail keyword.

What is a Keyword Search?

To answer this question, I need to know what you’re trying to accomplish with your search. In reality, there can be two distinct answers.

The first answer is one you’re likely very familiar with. Continuing with the information we just covered, let’s look at a couple of examples of the first type of keyword search you can conduct.

Since my family has always been crazy about football, I’m going to go with that. Feel free to run your own searches.

Keyword: Football

Since I’m doing this search from the United States in October, the first thing that popped up was this heading, followed by tidy little listings of the opposing teams, scores if they’ve already played, and dates and times if they haven’t:

What is a keyword tool for? (Jaaxy knows)

Long Tail Keyword: Football Snack Helmets

You can see that I’ve added two more very specific words to my search. This delivered a number of companies offering to meet my snack helmet needs.

Here’s the first thing displayed at the top of the page:What is a keyword tool for? (Jaaxy knows)

I think I’m going to have to order one of these!


The Second Answer to What is a Keyword Search?

Also known as keyword research, this keyword search is the one you conduct when you have a website and want readers to be able to find your articles and other information.

Keeping with my football example for a little longer, it’s easy for readers to find your pages if you’re the NFL.

It’s probably fairly easy for the guy in the number one spot for Football Snack Helmets.

But, if you’re not the person in the first or second spot on page one of Google, how do you make yourself known to your potential fans?

Simple. You find different, but similar keywords, and those lovely long tails!

Ready for an example? Here’s what Google shows at the bottom of page one for Football Snack Helmets:

What is a keyword tool for? (Jaaxy knows)

Pretty clever, don’t you think?

How to Find a Keyword

There are a number of ways to find keywords that will be most effective for you. The first is Google.

That’s right. You can use Google to find keywords.

Here’s how.

  • Go to Google and type in your keyword, or long tail keyword in the search box
  • Place your cursor immediately behind the last letter in the last word.
  • If the predictive text hasn’t already popped up, click behind that last word

And, there you are. Here’s what comes up with the Football Snack Helmets search:

What is a keyword tool for? (Jaaxy knows)

If your topic is very exotic, your results may not be as thorough. But, this is a pretty good way to begin finding keywords that will work for you.

I often use Google when I’m beginning to brainstorm an idea. But, the keyword tool I begin and end my research with is a keyword tool called Jaaxy.

What is a Keyword Tool?

The simple answer is that a keyword tool helps you find keywords that will attract the most readers to your site. It collects information from many thousands of words and long tail words and gives you information that makes choosing just the right word easy.

It does that by giving you several pieces of information. For example, when you do a keyword search with Jaaxy, you will know:

  • The average number of times someone searches for your keyword each month.
  • The number of other websites ranked in Google that you will be competing against for this exact keyword.
  • The number of people who will visit your website if you rank in the first place position on page one of the website.

You also have access to much more, but these three give you a good idea of the things a reliable keyword tool can do for you.

Having a reliable keyword tool makes the job of reaching your readers so much easier. If you’re choosing keywords without this kind of information, you will have no idea whether you are picking a hot topic or wasting your time.

Having a reliable keyword tool that you can try out for free is even better.

If you’ve been considering your own online business, but didn’t know how you were going to do your keyword research, take Jaaxy for a spin.  By typing a keyword in the search box, you’ll be taken to the Jaaxy site to sign up for your free, no obligation, no credit card, starter account.

If you decide Jaaxy is as great as I’ve found it to be, you’ll have an opportunity later to upgrade.  No hype. No craziness. Your decision.



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16 thoughts on “What is a Keyword Tool for? (Jaaxy Knows)”

  1. If it weren’t for key words, I believe that search engines wouldn’t really work the way they already do. I have witnessed the importance of keywords within my blog. I own a blog based on faith and I have seen that people search for words that are primary key words within my site. There is a specific one that everyone seeks and always leads them there. 

    • Without keywords, I’m not sure how we would find what we’re looking for.  It certainly has become a useful way to sort through the internet and find the object of our search.  I’m glad people are finding their way to your site.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. Hi!  I’ve never been successful at using Google to find keywords as much as using a keyword tool like Jaaxy or Ubersuggest.  I can use Google search to come up with some excellent ideas though for posts!  Nice, right?  Thanks so much for showing how you use Google for that!  It was actually helpful you pointed out what is at the bottom of the search.  I almost never see the bottom, so I’ll have to take those suggestions in mind when I write my next post, thanks again!

    • I’m glad you found the article helpful.  And, while I agree that Google can be a great tool in the brainstorming process, it’s not perfect.  Keyword tools are much more useful overall, and a real necessity.  

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  3. Its been a really tough experience for me as a person to get keywords with less competition and more definition. I’ve tried a couple of keyword tools but I’m still not satisfied, coming across this article now is of great help to me. Jaaxy is definitely what I have always needed and I think with it, I’ll have no problem with keywords again. I’ll give it a trial as soon as possible. I’ll share it to my friends and I’m sure they will love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’ve used other keyword tools, but Jaaxy is my favorite.  It’s simple to use and really helps in deciding what keywords to choose.  I know you’ll be happy with your trial.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  4. This article is a very educative and informative one.  It’s true that getting the right keywords can be of great help, and it always helps draw more readers to your website by virtue of the keywords. This will really be of great help to me as an affiliate marketer.  I’ve had many experiences with different keyword tools and I must say it’s been horrible. This is a nice review about Jaaxy, and I know it’s gonna help me. Sharing this article is really thoughtful of you, thanks.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words.  I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences with other keyword tools.  I think you’re going to be very happy with Jaaxy, and the value it adds to your keyword searches.  

      Thank you too for joining in the conversation; I appreciate it!

  5. Keywords are a great tool.  I use them in every article I post on my website.  

    It’s also the best way to find information on the web.  Typing what you are looking for into the search box can yield thousands of results.

    Thanks for explaining how to do a search for keywords.

    I love Jaaxy.  I use it as well in my search for keywords.  Keywords are a great way to attract potential readers and customers, depending on what kind of website you have.

    Those football snack helmets do look nice.

    • Thank you for the kind words.  I’m very glad to hear from someone who has experience using Jaaxy.  It’s a great tool, and makes finding great keywords so much easier.  

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  6. Hello there.  Thanks for sharing this really nice post. Most site owners do not really know why it’s important to make use of tools that help with keywords, and how keywords can be beneficial to them and the growth of their sites. Having the right keyword helps bring traffic to one’s site, and from regular visits, one gains good ranking on Google. I have used some other tools which have worked well, but haven’t tried Jaaxy, but I’ll love to try it.  Nice being here.

    • Thank you for the kind words.  As you just mentioned, keywords are extremely important in creating a successful site.  I encourage you to try out the free Jaaxy keyword tool at the bottom of the post, and see what you think.  I’m confident you’re going to be impressed.

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  7. Thank you! Great article. Thanks for explaining how to use Jaxxy as well as how to use the different areas of Google search to determine keywords. Jaxxy has helped me a lot. The free Wealthy Affiliate membership had 30 free Jaxxy searches. When I upgraded to premium WA membership, I got unlimited Jaxxy searches. 

    The free searches are nice, but having unlimited searches really helps for you to be able to do very thorough keyword research. Also, you can save keyword lists, which really helps. 

    Great article and I look forward to reading your next one! Have a good day.

    • I’m glad you stopped by!  You brought up something I hadn’t discussed, the unlimited searches available to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members.  It adds tremendous value to an already great package!  I’m glad you’re benefiting from a top flight research tool.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  8. Good and comprehensive article about keywords I would say. Keywords are one of the main factors in terms of on-page SEO, but also SERP or search engine result pages and search engines behind them use keywords, one of the most important factors when determining whether your article is worthly of ranking high and how high. I have seen many cases where website owners underestimate keywords, but also the opposite; it is sometimes horrible to see how some people spam their keyword all over the article or even all over the page. Fortunately, search engines have pretty advanced algorithms, bots like GoogleBot, and manual checking in the cases your site gets a penalty and you report it has been without reason. However, thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks for the compliment.  A few years ago, it was common place for people to stuff their articles with keywords.  Things have changed for the better.  It’s much more enjoyable to read articles written in an easy, conversational style.  Jaaxy makes it simple to zero in on the best keyword, and avoid the problem of keyword stuffing.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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