What Is Blogging About? (It’s Sort Of Like Being a Music Supervisor)

From point A to point B with a lot of twists in between.

I started out this morning thinking about a scene in a movie. Well, it really was the song from one of the scenes. It just kept rumbling through my head and I began to wonder who picked the song and how it all came about. Instead of just letting the question float away, I stopped and looked it up.

That answered my question, led to a whole new question, and caused me to think: Hey, I need to blog about this. What Is Blogging About (It’s Sort Of Like Being a Music Supervisor) will explain it all!

Where This All Began

Do you love watching movies, and wish you could watch them more often?

What about your favorite place to watch them?

Do you prefer:

  • the theater?
  • your comfy chair at home?
  • the drive-in?

The drive-in?

I know, there aren’t many in operation anymore.

I’m lucky. There’s one fairly close to me. The Starlite. If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, you can check them out here.

What Makes the Movies So Great?Movie making

In a word, music.

Those great booming sounds, (that sounded best at the drive-in) are the magic that brings your movie to life.

The soulful violins that can bring you to tears. French Horns that add a sense of nobility to everything that associates with them. Percussion instruments that have the ability to scare the daylights out of you at just the right moment.

Ever wonder how that music got there? How it got linked up with the scene it fits in with so perfectly?

I’ve wondered for a long time.  Today, I decided to do some research.

The song that was running a marathon in my mind this morning is GO!, sung by Karen O. It introduces the scene with Susan and Rayna landing in Budapest in the movie Spy.

I Had to Know How it Got There!

I was led to an article about Alexandra Patsavas, the founder of Chop Shop Music Supervision in Los Angeles. You can read about her here.

What’s the Point?

Ms. Patsavas loved the movies and the music too.

A light came on for her the day she discovered that music was a business.

Just like that wonderful topic you love and know so well. The one you could talk about for hours. The one you would devote your life to if only you could find a way to support yourself with it. If only you had an audience for your information.

Here’s the Good NewsYou have an audience.

You do have an audience.

Or, you could. And that’s what blogging is all about.

The Basics

  1. You take your favorite topic
    1. You’re going to discover that lots of other people love your topic too.
    2. Some of them are just getting started in your topic and are searching for you, their future guru, to tell them more.
  2. Create informative, helpful articles about your topic
  3. Publish those wonderful articles to your website
    1. Alternatively, you could create videos
  4. Repeat steps 2 – 4.

Those are the basic steps.

You create articles, or videos, on a regular basis and get them out to the folks who want to read, or watch:

  • all the facts
  • figures
  • myths
  • and realia you have to share with them about your topic.

And that’s the way blogging resembles the work of a Music Supervisor.

According to Ms. Patsavas, the job consists of creating “a signature sound for television, a film or an ad project…”

Creating a brand name for your writing is the blog version of that signature sound Ms. Patsavas mentioned. When people see specific features of your blog, it should set off a little recognition bell in their minds. It’s the same idea as when I hear the first few beats of GO! and immediately visualize that fabulous image of Budapest.

A blog is successful when it is focused and informative. The folks that follow the blog have some idea of what to expect and then get treated to a little bit more.

The term blog is a shortened version of weblog.

Individuals and companies alike have realized that blogs are a fantastic way to increase awareness of their topic and more.

  • Blogs can be easy to set up
  • Blogs can be economical to run
  • Blogs can earn you an income

Where Do You Begin?Where do you begin?

There are all sorts of companies and individuals out there who are ready and willing to help you get started. Discovering if they are able is the more challenging part.

If you’ve never done this before, getting reliable training is important.

Getting reliable training at a cost that starts out reasonable and stays that way can keep you up nights.

There are companies out there that will treat you right.


What Else?

You want to find a company that offers:

  • Strong, secure WordPress websites
  • Fast-loading, secure hosting
  • Domains purchased through WA enjoy security and privacy
  • Access to friendly, experienced mentors 24/7
  • A World-class tech department that doesn’t stop until your problem is solved

There is also something you don’t want to be offered: A get-rich-quick scheme. If anyone tells you this is easy, or you can be making thousands of dollars in a few weeks time with little or no work, it’s a lie!

Building a quality blog takes time. It’s who you are. You didn’t acquire your special level of knowledge over-night. You’re not going to grow your blog that quickly.

If you do this thing right though, you can use your blog to build an amazing affiliate marketing business that will satisfy, surprise, and delight you for years to come.

Do you have to set up your blog to make money?

Absolutely not. But, when I mentioned earlier that blogs can earn you an income, this is one excellent, inexpensive way to do it. Google, Bing, and Yahoo don’t charge you to make your articles available to people searching for information about your topic.

So, it you do decide to explore this option, do your research and do it right.

Just like Ms. Patsavas discovered music was a business, you’ll discover that blogging is a business too.

How To Do It Right

Take some time and review what the folks at Wealthy Affiliate have to offer!

For starters, you’ll get seven days to try out the site, including setting up a website and the ability to work through the first few lessons. You’ll get all of this for the amazing cost of $0.00.

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What About You?

Did you already know about Music Supervisors? What a cool job that must be. For one thing, you get to help new Indie bands gain a larger audience.

It would be a great topic for a blog!

  • Conversations
  • Music samples
  • Amazing links

I think we may be onto something here!

If you’re looking to supplement your income, or completely replace it, take a look at my #1 recommendation for escaping the classroom.  It’s a great resource for learning how to promote yourself, your aspirations, and your special concerns.

 I may benefit from a qualified purchase.

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8 thoughts on “What Is Blogging About? (It’s Sort Of Like Being a Music Supervisor)”

  1. Definitely yes, blogging can be likened to virtually anything in this world so far it is writable on and there is interest in it. You can make money from music, videos, kites, tyres or anything. Just blogging about it and having the right set of audience to create the traffic that would later on help in the monetization of the blog. Your analogy really seems very interesting to me and it drew me right into the message passed. Thanks so much lightening up what blogging is really all about.

    • People blog about all kinds of things, which makes it so great.  No matter where your interest lie, you’re going to find someone who is writing about it, or wants to read what you’ve written.  I found one the other day that was about replacement keys for laptops!  It was perfect since I need a new key for my grandson’s Chromebook!  

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  2. You kept me smiling all through this post and I am really glad about it because I was able to link the movie concept and how you set your movie to how I could possible start a blog on my own. However looking at the idea of blogging i have had the skill of writing in me since I was small and now that I wish to start a blog, I really can’t pick a particular niche to go with. But now looking at the concept you have given here, I have an idea of what niche to go with. I’ll need proper guidance on this though. Any more suggestion?

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the article.  I’m especially glad I was able to share a smile with you.  My very best advice is to take a look around Wealthy Affiliate, and go through the Online Entrepreneur Certification training.  Level 1, Lesson 3 discusses niches, and is a great place to learn the basics and then ask questions.

      For your convenience, here’s the link to Wealthy Affiliate.  Thanks so much for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  3. Blogging can be a very sweet experience only when you understand the basics and nitty gritty involved in the whole process.

    This post to me presents all of these in the simplest possible way that anyone seeking basic knowledge in blogging can relate with easily. I must commend you Nancy for this awesome expository write up. Thank you so much. I really will love to learn more about how WA works. I tried the link on this post but it seems the link is expired. Could you help me out please?

    • Thanks you so much for the kind words.  I’m glad you found the article helpful.  Could you let me know which link didn’t work for you?  I’ve check them all, and they look good from my end.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!

  4. Hi Nancy, great post. When I started my first attempt at a blog, I was really bad and I gave up but had another few tries and I actually start enjoying it. I find it amazing how liberating it is to be able to put your thoughts on to a blog.

    For me, it is very satisfying and I write at least 4 to 6 posts a week. I just love doing it now, it took me a while, but practice makes you better, not perfect yet.


    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the kind words.  Like anything else, it does take some practice.  But as you noted, blogging can be very liberating.  It makes it worth the effort.

      Thanks for joining the conversation; I appreciate it!


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